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NEW: Effort to rein in electronic pull tabs pits tribal casinos against bars, charities #mnleg  via @mnreformer 

NEW: Senate GOP issues first offer in budget negotiations, calling for Voter ID, no taxes #mnleg  via @mnreformer 

NEW: Should Minnesota have a state soup? If so, is it wild rice soup? Cream of mushroom? via @mnreformer  #mnleg 

NEW: 40 days left in legislative session with big differences between Senate, House#mnleg  via @mnreformer 

TODAY: House DFL outlines $52.5 billion budget blueprint #mnleg  via @mnreformer 

NEW: @RepWolgamott  COVID-19 workers’ compensation bill advances to House floor #mnleg  via @mnreformer 

ICYMI: Minnesota budget picture comes into focus as federal stimulus dollars pour into state #mnleg  via @mnreformer 

NEW: Minnesota budget picture comes into focus as federal stimulus dollars pour into state via #mnleg  @mnreformer 

NEW: Legislative oversight commission stops work as next chair campaigns to lead MN GOP #mnleg  via @mnreformer 

Despite all that, the bill fails to pass, 63-71 and Winkler moves to table the bill #mnleg 

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This exchange between Sen. @TorresRayMN  and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka is really something. #mnleg 

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka shares that his mother-in-law has died of COVID-19 and that his father-in-law currently has it. #mnleg 

JUST IN: Minnesota House votes 82-40 to declare #racism  a public health crisis #mnleg 

A friendly reminder of some of the highly popular bills killed by #mnleg  republicans this year.

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As noted in #mnleg  Real ID committee, today is Gayle Elizabeth Sample's birthday. Happy Birthday, Gayle.

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BREAKING: MN Supreme Court upholds Dayton's veto of #mnleg  budget, orders Dayton #mnleg  back into talks

Breaking story: Minnesota@GovMarkDayton  collapsed in the middle of his State of the State address tonight: #mnleg 

It's law: Gov. Dayton has signed a bill moving Minnesota from a presidential caucus state to a presidential primary state.Done. #mnleg 

Final version of presidential primary bill just about to be sent to the governor. Minnesota will dump presidential caucus in 2020. #mnleg 

#mnleg GOP Rep. Garofalo on Twitter and FB:

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