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Mitch McConnell has been exposed as the emptiest suit since Claude Rains’s pants ran down the street without him.

Sen. Mitch McConnell: "If Democrats are playing hardball, their opponents aren't us Republicans. Not really. They're playing hardball against kids, workers, and vulnerable Americans."

Sen. Mitch McConnell: "Democrats say nobody should get more help unless -- unless -- the federal government sends out jobless benefits that pay more than what people made working."

Every day that goes by while Mitch McConnell and his caucus refuse to extend emergency unemployment relief adds to the hardship for millions of Americans who are out of work:

Stimulus 'stalemate needs to end' Mitch McConnell demands "We can't make a deal without the Democrats. I think it's time for everyone to get back to the table and get a deal done."

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Sen. Mitch McConnell: "There's no reason Uncle Sam should take taxes out of essential workers' paychecks to pay other people more to stay home."

Mitch McConnell accuses Democrats of holding relief hostage to ideological priorities unrelated to the pandemic. But it's Republican leadership that's put a non-COVID-related ideological priority above securing a deal. @EricLevitz  writes

mitch mcconnell'>Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling for the Trump administration and congressional Democrats to restart negotiations on a fifth coronavirus deal after talks collapsed late last week.

[CHART] US stocks retreated in late trade, giving up early gains, after US mitch mcconnell'>Senator Mitch McConnell said virus stimulus talks had hit a stalemate. The Dow fell 0.4%, the S&P500 lost 0.8% - the first declines in 8 trading sessions. The Nasdaq fell 1.7%. #ausbiz  Bloomberg

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This is the pile of House-passed bills, 90% bipartisan, dead on Mitch McConnell’s desk in the Senate#LegislativeGraveyard 

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Your reminder that Mitch McConnell has been actively blocking legislation to restore the Voting Rights Act for 244 days.

As Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans praise the legacy of John Lewis, remember that they’ve been actively blocking voting rights legislation for 237 days.

The Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act seven years ago today. Mitch McConnell is currently blocking legislation to restore it. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

mitch mcconnell'>Senator Mitch McConnell just blocked a bill that provides money for small businesses, hospitals, testing, and more. Instead of working with House and Senate Democrats, he pulled a political stunt.

A Senate trial should be like any other trial. Senators should hear from witnesses. Senators should see the documents. Only then can they make the best possible decision regarding the President's misconduct. Once upon a time, Mitch McConnell felt the same.

Can we just cut through the bullshine? The claim that the Democrats haven't done anything in Congress is a joke. They have passed hundreds of bills on all sorts of vital issues. That these bills are backing up in the Senate like rush hour on the 405 is because of Mitch McConnell.

What the hell are Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans waiting for?  Declare the House Democrats’ impeachment null and void NOW!  The House left for a long recess before sending the articles to the Senate.  Enough!  The speaker doesn’t run the country.

Dear Mitch McConnell & all those representing him, Please refrain from using my image in support of anything but your own stunning & humiliating defeat. Thanks! Adam cc: @senatemajldr  @McConnellPress