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Another mass protest in Belarus yesterday, as police detained at least 140 people in Minsk and 60 in other cities. More than 100,000 attended the Minsk rally, defying police warnings not to assemble.

Masked members of Belarus's security forces were seen in Minsk detaining people during another day of anti-regime protests.

Police in Belarus continued to crack down on protesters across the country Sunday. Protests in the capital, Minsk, have attracted an estimated 200,000 people. Protesters are demanding an end to the 26-year rule of the country’s president, Alexander Lukashenko. (AP/VOA)

Belarus police clashed with protesters across the country over the weekend as 100,000 people marched through Minsk, demanding the president resign

@nexta_tv  > 100,000 participated in the #Belarus  March of Justice in Minsk; marches took place in Grodna, Brest, Mogilev, Gomel, Vitebsk, &others. >110 were detained across Belarus. This is 8th consecutive Sunday of marches against rigged elections & 43d day of protests #StandWithBelarus 

Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development may provide $500 mln loan to Minsk shortly:

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'Justice March' | Protesters detained at anti-govt rally in #Minsk 

IN PHOTOS: Marching In Minsk: Anti-government protesters again take to the streets:

Over a 100 people were arrested at the now weekly protest in Minsk and other cities, a day after over 400 women were arrested at peaceful women's marches. #Belarus 

G6m4qTird1 America take notes! The fire is upon us! RT *TadeuszGiczan Minsk protesters are about to move towards Lukashenko's palace, some 1 km away from where they are right now.


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Just unbelievable scenes in Minsk as a huge crowd chants “Resign!” via @Belsat_TV 

Grim news from #Belarus  this morning: masked men kidnap the opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova from a street in Minsk. Her team is also missing. The #Kremlin-backed  Lukashenko regime appears determined to crush the protest movement

Devastating news from Minsk: the Belarusian foreign ministry has stripped dozens of locals journalists working for foreign media of their press accreditation, affecting the entire bureaus of Reuters, AP, AFP, Deutsche Welle. 1/2

EU considers sanctions amid post-election violence in BelarusRiot police have been accused of "brutality" after they were seen beating protesters following clashes in Minsk

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The footage streaming in from Minsk, in spite of an internet blockade and reports the army has been deployed against protesters, is just incredible

The turnout in Minsk today for the manifestation for democracy looks absolutely massive. The regime effort to scare people away have so far failed. Dare the regime send the army against its people?

"This is what elections in Belarus look like." Clashes between police and protesters erupted in Minsk after Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko claimed a sweeping victory for a 6th term. More @business : #Минске #Беларуси

The democratic party is suing, Karl Marx, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Vladimir Lenin, John Lenin, the Lennon Sisters, the Kremlin, the Gremlins and a 7-11 store in Waycross Georgia, any bar that makes White Russians and the entire population of Moscow, Minsk and St Petersburg