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July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month! This month is dedicated to improving access to mental health care and treatment for underserved communities. Stay tuned as we highlight the voices fighting for these rights throughout the next month.

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July is National Minority Mental Health Month! @MinorityHealth  has resources, research & shareable images to commemorate this essential issue. Join us in improving #mentalhealth  for under-served populations.

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Also from @OhioAG : "Our pop-up testing schedule is here: This testing is focused on underserved areas, particularly minority communities, but it’s open to anyone."

From the way school districts throughout the U.S, responded to the pandemic, it’s clear that most were not prepared and, as usual, it was the underserved and minority communities that were hit the hardest.

Today, I'm at a Health Subcmte hearing - mask & all - on racial disparities in COVID-19 & our health care system. This terrible pandemic has truly opened our eyes to a # of inequities as minority & underserved communities have been impacted disproportionately from COVID-19. #MI06 

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Here’s what President Trump is doing to help underserved communities, minority businesses

Black and minority-owned businesses are getting a boost from Charter Communications. Charter says the $10 million investment will help provide low-interest loans to businesses in underserved communities.

Among the many consequences of our covid-19 economy is the likely closing of dozens of Catholic schools that serve minority students in vulnerable, underserved communities, @kathleenparker  writes

Today, we released the FDIC’s annual report on #MinorityDepositoryInstitutions . These are minority-owned and managed banks offering financial services, often to underserved families and small businesses across our country. →

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@TDEM  is coordinating in cities across the state to identify and expand #COVID19  testing in underserved and minority communities disproportionately impacted. @NMartinezTV  has more:


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@SBAJovita : SBA will be laser-focused on ensuring the unique needs of minority #smallbiz  owners are fully understood, that SBA policies are responsive to those needs & that progress in underserved communities like Detroit, Flint & Saginaw is being tracked.

"As the administration continues to assist our nation’s small businesses, it is critical that we maintain a vigilant focus on assisting those that need it most – specifically those in minority, underserved and rural communities.” @IvankaTrump 

Trump Administration Carves Out $10 Billion For PPP Loans To Businesses In ‘Rural, Minority And Other Underserved Communities’

Our women, veteran, rural & minority-owned small businesses in America’s underserved and coronavirus-affected communities deserve equal treatment. These job-creating entrepreneurs must not be forced to face unfair barriers to access PPP loans.

Many black-owned businesses don't qualify for the government's Paycheck Protection Program loan despite $60B in set-asides for minority and other underserved borrowers “I’m tired of hearing about the money. I want to see the money" one business owner said

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams: We hear that testing is "absolutely a concern." We are going to be increasing access to testing in underserved and minority communities.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams says access to coronavirus testing for “undertested, underserved and minority communities” will be increased

@realDonaldTrump  @TheDemocratsdemand  a portion of the PPP $ should be reserved for businesses in underserved communities that don’t have strong pre-existing relationships w/ banks, especially women&minority owned businesses, you genocidal, bloviating buffoon. They want to pair the $250 billion

Participants in an underserved minority population in the United States were randomly assigned to receive either a polypill that included low doses of atorvastatin, amlodipine, losartan, and hydrochlorothiazide or usual care.

Bernie Sanders on the Trump administration’s push for a census citizenship question: "It's to under-count Latinos ... and also make sure that federal funding does not go to those underserved and often minority communities”