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When word spread that the Minnesota Freedom Fund was bailing out protesters demonstrating in the name of George Floyd, millions of dollars in donations poured in from all over the world. Now, the group is able to put a full-time focus on bigger goals.

The ACLU and the Freedom Fund oppose the proposal, saying it could put domestic violence victims in danger and distract from broader efforts to change the cash bail system in Minnesota. #mnleg 

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office publicly called out the Minnesota Freedom Fund for bailing out a man it charged with three new felonies Thursday.​

NEW: The Minnesota Freedom Fund, promoted by Democratic nominee for Vice President@KamalaHarris , helped bail out of jail six men accused of domestic violence between June and August. via @ColonelKerr  and @KyleHooten2 

The Minnesota Freedom Fund, a bail fund promoted by Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris helped a man accused of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl get out of jail in July, court records show.

NEW: A man facing up to 30 years in prison for allegedly sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl is among those who were bailed out of jail by the Minnesota Freedom Fund promoted by Democratic nominee for Vice President@KamalaHarris 

The Minnesota Freedom Fund received donations from numerous celebrities, Biden campaign staffers, and was promoted by @KamalaHarris . The non-profit has bailed out an accused murderer and a twice-convicted violent rapist.

At least seven @SaraGideonME  staffers donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which bails out rioters and others detained by police. V @JoeSchoffstalla 

When protests in Minneapolis turned violent, Kamala Harris helped the Minnesota Freedom Fund raise money to bail out people who were arrested while rioting. Learn more about her involvement with this radical group👇


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The Minnesota Freedom Fund, which pays bail for those who cannot afford it and received online support from some celebrities, took in a remarkable $20 million in a matter of days — so much that its website was now encouraging donors to give elsewhere

Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) – which received donations from several Joe Biden campaign staffers, reportedly put up money to bail out people charged with serious violent crimes, including sexual assault, attempted murder, and murder. @TylerOlson1791 

The Minnesota Freedom Fund: @MNFreedomFund  pays jail bonds for those who cannot afford to fight discriminatory and coercive jailing

The Minnesota Freedom Fund raised about $20 million within 4 days following the killing of George Floyd. People around the world donated to the fund, which posts bail for low-income people and protesters in Minneapolis.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund has raised ~ $20 million in funds to help release people jailed before trials:

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I just donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to bail out protestors who are on the streets over the racist police murder of George Floyd. Please donate whatever you can - and spread the word >>

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