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Kuwaiti interior ministry cancels plans to deport 15,000 residency violators on humanitarian grounds. Read more:

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#France | Activists from the environmentalist movement #ExtinctionRebellion  led a punch-up action against #PoliceViolence  at the Ministry of the Interior in #Paris .

Tunisian youths clashed with police overnight in a town in Tunisia's deprived south, where a protest movement is demanding jobs and services, the interior ministry said

Kurdistan Region's Ministry of Interior on Wednesday said that it had authorized the governors of the four provinces to make their decisions on the anti-coronavirus lockdown.

Germany's interior ministry has banned a neo-Nazi group called Nordadler (roughly: the Northern Eagles).

PS KIBICHO says Interior not involved in fake arms deal reported in a local daily; Interior Ministry's budget in public.

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A neo-Nazi group called Nordadler, on the police radar for years, has now been banned by the German Interior Ministry. Its members believe in Adolf Hitler and anti-Semitism.

“All the vetting in the world isn’t going to work if the Saudi ministry responsible for internal security is asleep at the switch,” Bruce Riedel said. “Al Qaeda has infiltrated the Saudi military and the Ministry of Interior was unaware of that.”

German Interior Ministry has banned the German right wing extremist organization called “Nordadler” or “Northern Eagles”, according to the ministry’s official twitter account. “Since the early morning hours police action is underway,” a ministry spokes is quoted as saying.

#AMAY | #Egypt ’s Ministry of Interior files violation reports against 3,329 drivers not wearing face masks


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Drone attacks on two Saudi Aramco factories in Abqaiq and Khurais provinces sparked fires that the state oil company brought under control, the Saudi interior ministry spokesman said. More here:

Afghan interior ministry reports attack on Sikh religious site in Kabul, including suicide bombers: Reuters

On Monday, 3 Sept, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd will perform his classic 'Wish You Here' for Julian#Assange  outside the Home Office (interior ministry) in Marsham Street in the heart of London. I will be speaking. Join us at 6pm in solidarity with Britain's political prisoner.

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BREAKING: Ukraine's Interior Ministry announces criminal probe into alleged illegal surveillance of former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch after text messages released by House investigators showed Robert F. Hyde and Lev Parnas discussing her being tracked in Kyiv.

Event: On Monday, 2 Sept at 6pm, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd will perform 'Wish You Here' for Julian#Assange  outside the Home Office (interior ministry) in Marsham Street in the heart of London.

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ISIS claims responsibility for the suicide bomb attack at a wedding in Kabul, Afghanistan, that left 63 people dead, an Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman says

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Update - Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser: Malaysian plane was brought down by a ground-to-air missile & all 295 people on board are dead

#BREAKING: Malaysian plane was brought down by a ground-to-air missile: Interior Ministry adviser, quoted by Interfax

#BREAKING: Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser says 280 passengers, 15 crew dead in Malaysian airliner crash: Interfax