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@SteveBenko  @MrFlixxwondering  if Fleabag was a BBC joint before Amazon bought it? Mindhunter messed me up pretty bad. And a shoutout to Cobra Kai because it knows EXACTLY what it is and owns it.

When is mindhunter season 3? It’s so nice to wind down to after a day of news

Loving #Mindhunter  on Netflix Any other recommendations similar ?? Nearly end of season 2 x

just realized King George from “Hamilton” is Holden from “Mindhunter” 🤯

'Orange Is the New Black,' 'Baskets,' 'Mindhunter' and 'On Becoming a God in Central Florida' are among releases from early in this year's Emmy eligibility period that may get lost in the strange time blur caused by confinement

Mindhunter cinematographer shares an update on season 3 and David Fincher's plans: #Mindhunter 

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Missing from Hamilton are YouTube slices of the movie. Example: I'd like to study King George's song, now that I know who the actor is (the lead from Mindhunter). They have audio but no video. I know what Disney will do when they are uploaded as they surely will be.


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Loved @MINDHUNTER_  on Netflix. Right up my street. Really interesting psychology!

There is literally no violence or even very much action in Mindhunter, it’s like four people in blazers talking in gray rooms for 45 minutes but it’s the scaredest I’ve ever been in my whole life

Saturday with my ❤️ JG! Also if you haven’t seen @MINDHUNTER_  on @netflix  WATCH IT NOW!!!!!! ?

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Days until new… Mindhunter = 3 13 Reasons Why = 10 Power = 13 Dark Crystal = 17 The Good Place = 45 The Crown = 96

Are killers born, or are they formed? MINDHUNTER. October 13.

proof that netflix > football: Friends Orange is the new black Ozark The end of the f***ing world Black mirror Altered carbon Lost in space Luke cage Stranger things Cargo On my block Making a murderer Iron fist Narcos Glow House of cards OA Mindhunter Evil genius