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⚠Preliminary info: M5.9 #earthquake  #sismo ) about 70 km N of #Taltal  #Chile ) 3 min ago (local time 07:46:21). Updates at: 📱LBaVNedgF9 🌐AXvOM7I4Th 🖥

#Earthquake #sismo ) confirmed by seismic data.⚠Preliminary info: M5.9 || 67 km N of #Taltal  #Chile ) || 4 min ago (local time 07:46:21). Follow the thread for the updates👇

#Earthquake  #deprem ) M4.4 occurred 23 km S of #Bah çe #Turkey ) 2 min ago (local time 13:56:56). More info at: 📱LBaVNedgF9 🌐 🖥

#Earthquake 23 km S of #Bah çe #Turkey ) 2 min ago (local time 13:56:56). Colored dots represent local shaking & damage level reported by eyewitnesses. Share your experience: 📱LBaVNedgF9 🌐

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❌🌊RISK of TSUNAMI EXCLUDED Following the #earthquake  #deprem ) M4.5 occurred 23 km S of #Bah çe #Turkey ) 8 min ago (local time 13:56:56). More info at the links provided below👇

Look! You are a seismic sensor: when you feel a tremor and launch the LastQuake app,we know that an #earthquake  #deprem ) might have occurred👇LastQuake launches before🟠 and after 🟣 the app notification about the #earthquake  #deprem ) in #Nurda ğı 10 min ago.

#Earthquake  #sismo ) M5.2 occurred 76 km N of #Taltal  #Chile ) 24 min ago (local time 07:46:22). More info at: 📱LBaVNedgF9 🌐CeFiQMMkRP 🖥

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#Earthquake 29 km SE of #Bah çe #Turkey ) 17 min ago (local time 13:56:58). Updated map - Colored dots represent local shaking & damage level reported by eyewitnesses. Share your experience via: 📱LBaVNedgF9 🌐


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The @nytimes  is right. There’s NOTHING CREEPY at all about how @JoeBiden  interacts with the kids in this 4+ min long video. All the touching & hair sniffing is TOTALLY APPROPRIATE & 100% NORMAL. Everyone does it! I'm a bad person for mocking him & thinking it's disgusting!!!🙄

Please normalize letting people eat their lunch alone if they want and decompressing for 30 min without the pressure of being considered antisocial in the workplace.

USA birth rate has been below min sustainable levels for ~50 years

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After I spend my 5 min today with the single copy of the FBI report I will be thinking of how Kavanaugh calls Democrats “embarrassments”, thinks we are engaged in conspiracy against him on behalf of the Clintons, and promises when he’s on the Court “what goes around come around”.

The power of the stadium is in its fans. The spirit of India is in its people. Tonight 9pm for 9min Let’s show the world, we stand as ONE. Let’s show our Health Warriors, We stand behind them. Team India - IGNITED. @narendramodi  @PMOIndia 

My fans you guys never doubted me a min and for that I belong to you guys forever #blessed 

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just a reminder that both parts are: an hour and 45 min each. made by 2 guys. uploaded for free. and i probably won’t post for another couple months so i’m more than happy to take extra time to make it great. the amount rude tweets i’m getting is insane. ?

Is @BTS_twt 's Min "Suga" Yoongi is a member of the #Cenation ? It sure looks like it! @JohnCena 

#WeLoveYouMinYoongi trends worldwide to help encourage #BTS ' SUGA

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