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Makalu is the world's fifth highest mountain—an icy giant 14 miles west of Everest. Its four sharp ridges ascend almost vertically toward a formidable 27,765-foot summit. Scaling the mountain is two and a half months of pure hell: 📸 Tim Taylor

Fmr. Chief of Staff for the DHS Miles Taylor says the DHS bulletin on domestic terror threats "should’ve come out two years ago"

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Jefferson, Madison, Taylor Counties until 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday. A severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located 12 miles south of Monticello moving east at 40 mph.

Robert Saleh assembling some young promising assistants for his offensive staff. —Taylor Embree, 32-year-old former coach with Univ of Colorado and the 49ers, will be RBs coach, per sources. —As reported, former NFL WR and NJ native Miles Austin will be WRs coach. @gmfb 

Not surprising to watch these, up until last week, West Wing loyalists jump ship attempting to pretend they had nothing to do with the enabling. Now they’re trying to run over to CNN and MSNBC to get contributor jobs. Miles Taylor was ahead of his time by a few months.

“I don’t see the courage in the Office of the Vice President to do it on their own,” Miles Taylor says about VP Pence invoking the 25th Amendment.

11/ Monster: Miles Taylor, the former Trump official who says he wrote the anonymous op-ed “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.” Taylor could have left Capitol Hill for any number of lucrative gigs. Instead, he went back to DHS.

What kind of person would present himself as a heroic resister after having helped lead a department that separated thousands of families at the border? Former DHS official Miles Taylor—aka Anonymous, the author of best-selling book "A Warning"—would.


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BREAKING: Miles Taylor, former Homeland Security chief of staff and outspoken Trump critic, says he wrote the 2018 "Anonymous" op-ed, chronicling a "resistance" in the administration.

A CNN spox just told me that Miles Taylor will remain a contributor despite lying to Anderson Cooper. CNN cannot have it both ways -- slamming Trump for his lies, yet condoning a very big and blatant one by its own contributor.

Miles Taylor blatantly lied on CNN. In other words, he passed his audition with them. Washington Post: CNN contributor Miles Taylor admitted he lied to CNN about being ‘Anonymous.’ It doesn’t seem to be a problem for CNN.

Who is Miles Taylor? Said he was “anonymous”, but I don’t know him - never even heard of him. Just another @nytimes  SCAM - he worked in conjunction with them. Also worked for Big Tech’s @Google . Now works for Fake News@CNN . They should fire, shame, and punish everybody....

So it turns out that the wise guy promoted as “Anonymous” by the @nytimes , named Miles Taylor (who I never even heard of!), was only a little known “staffer” as opposed to a “Senior Administration Official”. He then scammed @CNN , lied to @andersoncooper , & got a job there....

Important to note that Miles Taylor was not DHS chief of staff on September 5, 2018, when he published 'Anonymous' op-ed in NYT. He was a DHS policy adviser, which NYT characterized as a 'senior official in the Trump administration.'

Many thousands of people work for our government. With that said, a former DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE named Miles Taylor, who I do not know (never heard of him), said he left & is on the open arms Fake News circuit. Said to be a real “stiff”. They will take anyone against us!

@ABC  NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Former Trump administration official Miles Taylor speaks out on breaking with Pres. Trump and endorsing Joe Biden.

Former DHS chief of staff Miles Taylor recalled on MSNBC that Trump “wanted to see if we could sell Puerto Rico, ‘could we swap Puerto Rico for Greenland,’ because, in his words, ‘Puerto Rico was dirty and the people were poor,’” confirming the NYT report from 2019.

"I'm telling you with every fiber of my being that some of the President's closest advisers did not think he had the mental acuity to do the actual job," former Trump Admin DHS Chief of Staff Miles Taylor tells CNN.