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Michaels Companies Inc $MIK Expected to Announce Quarterly Sales of $1.00 Billion

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IT'S GAME NIGHT! Mik and Starla Fitch from “Our Family Plays Games” shares best board game picks for you to play this weekend!

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Solid ng BlockZ. Congrats Julia, Joshua, McCoy, Yves, Maris, Dimples and Ian. And of course, Direk Mik. Soliiiiiiiid. Legit. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💣💥💣💥

Arteta: "The players need to be 120% committed, if not they don't play for me." Arsenal players: "Sorry to burst your bubble there Mik, but that's about 110% more committed than we generally like to be."

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Made in the Philippines: Why '90s favorite Mik-Mik needs that straw

Mik now leads all MLB pitchers with two home runs after this 426-foot moonshot! #PitchersWhoRake 

In order to renew his contract to provide legal services to people in an Arizona jail, Mik Jordahl needs to promise that he won’t boycott Israel. We're suing on his behalf.

The state of Arizona requires Mik Jordahl to promise he won’t boycott Israel in order to provide legal service to people in need. He's suing.

Watch Us Report LIVE from the Floor of the NYSE! This weeks weekly wrap-up includes $MOMO $ADSK $BWLD $CUDA $MIK $EXPR $ULTA $SNAP $REGN

@LesterHoltNBC : "We are saying farewell tonight to one of our own..." Good luck, Mik!

@mik_ayy_la : @arzE  tbh your scarf game is weak compared to these scarves

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