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Michael Stone: Victim's sister bids to keep loyalist killer in jail:

Loyalist killer Michael Stone ‘squandered’ early release chance, court hears

In this piece, Michael Caputo, a political spinner close to Roger Stone who Trump installed at HHS to coordinate a pro-Trump message on Covid-19, comes across as troubled and dangerous. He should not be in an important position related to a pandemic.

Trump tax returns the "Rosetta Stone" for understanding his corruption, Michael Cohen says

While filming “Wall Street”, Oliver Stone asked Michael Douglas, "Are you doing drugs? Because you look like you’ve never acted before in your life.” He wanted "more anger,” Douglas later said. “I worked my ass off after that.” Born today in 1944.

Emails Detail Roger Stone protege Michael Caputo’s Efforts at HHS to Silence C.D.C. and Question Its Science

After it became clear in April his Covid-19 response was threatening his reelection, Trump personally intervened to place campaign aide Michael Caputo — a confidant of Roger Stone who had come under scrutiny for his ties to top Russian officials — at HHS.


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The next time you hear Trump call for "law and order" remember that he has pardoned/commuted: Joe Arpaio (Contempt of Court) Michael Milken (Fraud) Roger Stone (Lying to Congress) Scooter Libby (Perjury) Eddie Gallagher (War Cimes) Rod Blagojevich (Corruption)

Today Michael Cohen, who testified against Trump, was returned to jail. But Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, who stayed silent to protect Trump. If this isn't blatant corruption, I don't know what corruption means.

NBC News: All four prosecutors have now asked the judge to leave the Roger Stone case. Michael Marando joins Aaron Zelinsky, Jonathan Kravis, and Adam Jed in leaving the case after the Justice Department publicly rebuked the their recommended sentence of 7-9 years.

Since the U.S. death toll surpassed 60,000 yesterday, Trump has tweeted about: -Michael Flynn -CNN -MSNBC -Brian Williams -Don Lemon -Joe Scarborough -Sweden -Roger Stone -His poll numbers -Jim Comey -Hillary Clinton’s campaign -Rep. Jim Ryun’s birthday

All four prosecutors of Trump friend/adviser Roger Stone -- Jonathan Kravis, Michael Marando, Aaron Zelinsky and Adam C. Jed -- have now resigned in the wake of President Trump criticizing their sentencing recommendation, and DOJ acquiescing.

STATEMENT on Michael Cohen testimony to Congress: WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has never had a telephone call with Roger Stone. WikiLeaks publicly teased its pending publications on Hillary Clinton and published > 30k of her emails on 16 March 2016.

On the one hand, the president makes nonstop outlandish claims in his recent @ABC  interview about my campaign and Russia. On the other hand: Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos, and the entire Mueller report.

Michael Flynn George Papadopoulos Michael Cohen Paul Manafort Roger Stone All the President’s men are convicted criminals. You are the company you keep.

Michael Cohen is under investigation. Walls are closing in on Roger Stone. And is making more messes than a 10-week puppy. For , the is becoming like his busine #RussiaInvestigationses : liabilities are outnumbering assets.