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TV ratings August 5: • Ninja Warrior, Anh Do and Shaun Micallef among most-watched • SBS railway veteran Michael Portillo outrates Seven’s AGT stars Read more: #AusMedia  #AusNews  #AusTV  #TVRatings  #NinjaWarriorAU 

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"Switches freely between drama, comedy and suspense" It's @ST_Television  Pick of the day, but what were the critics watching? Michael Portillo goes off the rails in Spain@areporter  is nehind bads in Paraguay@SerindaSwan  heed the Coroner call

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Michael Portillo tells BBC WATO that government response to Spain could be said to look like an attempt to wreck recovery in Europe. If I were Spain I'd consider it an act of aggression.

Fun interview on Times Radio now ... Michael Portillo: What are the chances of a deal to leave the EU transition period in December? Michael Gove: "I am not very good at predictions. I once wrote a book with the title 'Michael Portillo - The Future Of The Right'."

PM must find 'mojo' that delivered him election victory, says Michael Portillo

What's all this @timesradio  about then? Join me tonight from 6.30pm for competitive anecdote-telling with Michael Portillo, @JPonpolitics  @carolewalkercw  and @ayeshahazarika 

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'It’s a bit transgressive having former arch-Tory Michael Portillo read back our own history to us, isn’t it? Slightly naughty even' (via @IrishTimesCultr )


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“The BBC is losing its audience’ Michael Portillo says he does not believe the licence fee can ‘survive’. #bbcqt 

Michael Portillo is dangerously sensible, isn’t he? I love how the audience briefly goes quiet when he speaks, and then he recedes into his own Buddha-like silence as the room erupts into nonsense.

Michael Portillo puts it well. If at any point during the past thousand days the EU had seriously believed that Theresa May was comfortable with no deal, we’d now probably be looking at quite a good deal.

After Michael Portillo calls him "the most incompetent minister of all-time", Chris Grayling arrives at BBC News to defend himself:

This is reallly very good and worth a listen if you want to grasp the Brexit crisis Michael Portillo Tells Nigel Farage: Nothing In My Political Career Compares To Brexit Chaos

If you’d told me in 1992 that one day I’d be happily watching Michael Portillo travelling through Canada on a train, I would have been very surprised. Makes you wonder what we’ll be watching in 2035. Jeremy Hunt canoeing on the moon?

Really worth putting aside 20 minutes to listen to Michael Portillo analysing the Brexit choices. He says he might have voted for the deal last week, leans against it this week.