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Almost two years after the Memorial Day tornadoes and the Miami Valley is still trying to get back to normal. Some new trees could help

Tonight on FOX 45 and ABC 22, @Allison247Now  speaks with health leaders in the Miami Valley about the route to herd immunity against COVID-19. Tune in at 10/11 p.m. ET for the full story.

Tonight @chelseasickk  spoke with Miami Valley Hospital's Chief Nursing Officer Christie Gray about her battle with cancer while leading a team of nurses through the pandemic.

Tonight on FOX 45 and ABC 22 @BahMamie  speaks with a Miami Valley restaurant owner about the impact the Restaurant Revitalization Fund could have on their business.

WATCH: Miami Valley Hospital's Chief Nursing Officer Christie Gray has been leading a team of nurses through a pandemic, while also fighting a personal battle. As National Nursing Week approaches, @chelseasickk  has her story on ABC 22 at 6 and FOX 45 at 6:30.

The average temperatures in the Miami Valley just went up, thanks to new data

A Miamisburg student is heading to the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic National Championships, this will be the second time they've represented the Miami Valley at the competition.

Dayton 24/7 Now's @Courtney_OnTV  speaks with survivors and advocates in the Miami Valley's battle with opiates amid the pandemic. "A lot of things got shut down and it’s had a trickle-down effect and it really increased the overdose in our community"

A look a head to Tuesday's election; some of the races and issues that have heated up in the Miami Valley during the campaign season.

As the weather heats up in the Miami Valley, business owners and leaders in the Oregon District are speaking up about the impact 'Out on 5th' is having.


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The mayor of Miami is now tweeting about Bitcoin. We are likely now hours away from him fully taking over Silicon Valley. This guy is good.

Just returned from a trip to Miami. The positivity and energy are off the charts. Feels like Silicon Valley in the mid 90s or 2005 when I started TechCrunch. The contrast to SF/Seattle is stark. Thank you, Miami, for the very warm reception. Life felt normal again.

Today’s Great Read: The pandemic has driven Silicon Valley techies and Wall Street titans to buy homes and move businesses to locations with sun, lower taxes and more relaxed coronavirus lockdowns. For many, that place was Miami.

Tech flight: Why Silicon Valley is heading to Miami and Austin, Texas.

The story of Silicon Valley isn’t that it’s moving from the Bay Area to somewhere else. It’s not about Miami or Austin. It’s a cultural shift from, “You need to be in the Bay Area to be taken seriously” to “It doesn’t really matter where you are.” That isn’t going to reverse.

Bet you didn’t see this coming. (Because stealth.) Hitman 2: Miami Pack and Stardew Valley are this week’s Free Play Days:

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❌ False. A Miami Valley Hospital spokesperson confirmed to Snopes that the nurses in the video were hospital employees.

HAPPENING NOW: Protesters (and Trump Baby) await Trump's visit to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio

These counties will show impact of a big Latino vote: Orange FL (Orlando) Dade FL (Miami) Clark NV (Vegas) Hidalgo TX (Rio Grande Valley

At Miami Valley hospital, Dr. John Bini is teaching civilian medical staff lessons he learned in #Iraq  & #Afghanistan .