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Violence against women is on the rise in Mexico. How do Mexicans perceive it?

Olympics: Japan improves to 2-0 with win over Mexico in baseball

Prosecutors in western Mexico say they have found the bullet-riddled bodies of eight men at what appeared to be a drug cartel encampment. #9News 

Coronavirus in New Mexico: 331 new cases, 2 new deaths

Pls RT: If u r experiencing domestic violence in #Mexico , call 01-800-911-25-11 for help #vaw 

ICYMI: Today's episode of the The Times podcast focuses on drought across the world, from Mexico's state of Sonora to China's Henan province.

Masks will not be required on campus next year for the Mexico Public School District. One parent said that unless things change with current guidelines, she will not be sending her child back.

New concerns for the vaccinated as Delta variant spreads in New Mexico


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Mexico's president pursues ruinous policies by improper means. Our cover in Latin America this week argues that AMLO is a danger to democracy

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Professional wrestlers enforce the face mask rule at the Central de Abastos market in Mexico City.

"Why didn't you stay in Mexico?" A Latino dad was harassed by a white man at a school meeting in Michigan organized to address recent racist incidents in the district.

The new Miss Universe is Mexico!!!! #MISSUNIVERSE 

I'll admit that I kind of lost track of this, but I was genuinely surprised to learn in the last few days that Americans can just fly to Mexico and then fly right back with no mandatory quarantine in the midst of a once-in-a-century global pandemic.

There are massive floods in southeast Mexico right now. These guys in a boat found a good boy who was cold, frightened, and clinging to a wall. Heroes...

Hurricane Hanna - just now - blowing over Trump’s mighty border wall between the United States and Mexico....

Mexico is sadly experiencing very big CoronaVirus problems, and now California, get this, doesn’t want people coming over the Southern Border. A Classic! They are sooo lucky that I am their President. Border is very tight and the Wall is rapidly being built!

Wall is moving fast in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. Great numbers at the Southern Border. Dems want people to just flow in. They want very dangerous open Borders!