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On key metrics, a VR experience elicited a response indistinguishable from subjects who took medium doses of LSD or magic mushrooms.

China recently sent warships, missiles and aircraft into the waters and air around Taiwan in response to Nancy Pelosi's visit to the self-ruled island.

#ICYMI The Navy has pledged to contribute $14.9 million to help foster protection of the groundwater aquifer that serves Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam and much of greater Honolulu in response to a disastrous jet fuel leak last year.

The evaluation was conducted to determine whether Defense Department law enforcement entities had established effective active shooter response policies.

@cityofasylum  @FallowsDeb3 /4 Another is the exceptional Chautauqua Institution@chq  . At link below you'll see more of its story, including the eloquent response by its president, Michael Hill. You can watch his remarks here, on video And text here

With Roe vs. Wade overturned, abortion bans are taking effect in roughly half the states. Here is an overview of abortion access and the expected impact of the court's decision in every state.

China recently sent warships, missiles and aircraft into the waters and air around Taiwan in response to Nancy Pelosi's visit to the self-ruled island. Details >>>

White House said that the US is all set to conduct new "air and maritime transits" in the Taiwan Strait during the coming weeks, in response to a Chinese military drill around the self-ruled island

Trump to Garland: Nice country you got here. Would be a shame if anything happened to it @maggieNYT 

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70% of Americans believe Roe v. Wade should remain the law of the land. Retweet if you're one of them.

Senate Republicans just blocked the PACT Act – critical veterans’ healthcare legislation that they supported just weeks ago. You need to watch @SenatorTester’s response.

Many of the same Republicans who just voted against protecting birth control and celebrated when Roe was overturned also oppose paid family leave and efforts to make childcare affordable. This is not about supporting families—it’s about dragging women back in time.

Overturning Roe v. Wade and denying women the right to control their own bodies is an outrage and in defiance of what the American people want. Democrats must now end the filibuster in the Senate, codify Roe v. Wade, and once again make abortion legal and safe.

The Supreme Court has voted to strike down Roe v. Wade, according to an initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito and obtained by POLITICO. “We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled,” Alito writes.

Congress must pass legislation that codifies Roe v. Wade as the law of the land in this country NOW. And if there aren’t 60 votes in the Senate to do it, and there are not, we must end the filibuster to pass it with 50 votes.

I don’t care how the draft leaked. That’s a sideshow. What I care about is that a small number of conservative justices, who lied about their plans to the Senate, intend to deprive millions of women of reproductive care. Codifying Roe isn't enough. We must expand the court.

Here’s my statement with Michelle on the draft Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Can we at least recognize that “Court Packing” at all levels of the judiciary has been the Republican playbook for decades? Asking for Merrick Garland.