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Biden’s Department of Justice on Friday vowed to use “every tool at our disposal” to fight for abortion, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced.

The Devil We Know... Bannon: "I'm telling you right now, this is going to be the misdemeanor from hell for Merrick Garland, Nancy Pelosi, & Joe Biden, I’m never going to back down, We're going to go on offense. They've taken on the "wrong guy this time."

Attorney General Merrick Garland says states cannot restrict access to mifepristone, a drug that terminates pregnancies, in the wake of the #RoeVWade  decision. @NicholasFlorko  says the justice department will have a fight on its hands.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland says the Justice Department will protect the right to seek abortions across state lines

Merrick Garland Should Be Impeached for His Response to Roe Being Overturned

Ppl hating on Mitch McConnell recently should remember that without him AG Merrick Garland would be on the #SupremeCourt  today and today's historic decision would not happen.

What AG Garland just said about an abortion pill could have profound consequences. An expert explains:

Ted Cruz calls for AG Merrick Garland to protect "pro-life pregnancy centers" from "mob violence"

In a blistering statement, Attorney General Merrick Garland said the Justice Department “strongly disagrees” with the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and pledged to “work tirelessly to protect and advance reproductive freedom.”


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Merrick Garland makes clear DOJ's position that states cannot ban the abortion pill: "the FDA has approved the use of the medication Mifepristone. States may not ban Mifepristone based on disagreement with the FDA’s expert judgment about its safety and efficacy."

Trump put himself above the law. Garland cannot let this stand. He must put the law above Trump.

No one should be surprised at what the leak of Alito’s opinion taking away abortion rights revealed. There is a plan, and this is just one part of it.   This is why Mitch McConnell refused to let the Senate consider Judge Merrick Garland.

Attorney General Garland, please call your office.

Today, the January 6 Committee in essence asked a question many Americans are asking… what is going on at the DOJ? Either Merrick Garland is working on one heckuva an investigation and nothing has leaked, or…

Can we at least recognize that “Court Packing” at all levels of the judiciary has been the Republican playbook for decades? Asking for Merrick Garland.

Amy Coney Barrett was just confirmed 8 days before the election, after 60 million Americans have already voted. 293 days before the 2016 election, Merrick Garland couldn't even get a hearing.

Amy Coney Barrett opposed Merrick Garland’s nomination because: 1. It came the same year as a presidential election, and, 2. She said the nomination couldn’t go through because Scalia would be “replaced by someone who could dramatically flip the balance of the court.” Like her.

When Merrick Garland was nominated in 2016 to fill Justice Scalia’s seat, we were 237 days away from an election. Now we’re just 42 days away from an election, yet Leader McConnell wants to jam a nominee through. That’s a dangerous double standard that can’t be allowed to stand.

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