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This isn't a comment on the merits of Brexit or Scottish independence. Just that despite the obvious cultural/political differences between the SNP + Tories, they share a central philosophy: self-determination.

I spend plenty of time bashing CNN's editorial slant. So now it's time to question Fox News: Is Elon Musk hosting SNL really the biggest story of the day - so big, in fact, it merits 7 stories at the top of the page? Also, ransomware attack nowhere to be found.

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French threats to cut electricity supplies were crass, but the European electricity grid still promises big benefits for the UK. At the risk of being a champion of lost causes, my column on the merits of continued globalisation

A watch collecting primer on the merits of pre-owned vs. vintage

A watch collecting primer on the merits of pre-owned vs. vintage

A watch collecting primer on the merits of pre-owned vs. vintage

A watch collecting primer on the merits of pre-owned vs. vintage

Biden pitches infrastructure plan, India’s Covid-19 cases top 400,000 again, Europe divided on merits of patent waivers, and other news to start your day.

As @dsquareddigest  said at the start three years ago, the banking sector is a graveyard for activists. This one merits a really ornate headstone.

KRQE News 13 is looking for a Sales Account Executive. The Sales Account Executive generates advertising revenue by calling on established agencies, cold-calling new prospects and convincing potential clients of the merits of television advertising.


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The Supreme Court had ZERO interest in the merits of the greatest voter fraud ever perpetrated on the United States of America. All they were interested in is “standing”, which makes it very difficult for the President to present a case on the merits. 75,000,000 votes!

“They (Conservatives) thought the merits of the Impeachment case were weak, and therefore his (Romney’s) judgement is questioned.” @MZHemingway  @HowardKurtz  @FoxNews 

The media should NOT be asking Silicon Valley billionaires to silence the President of the United States. If you disagree w/ what he says—as I also do at times—then engage on the merits. Say why you think he’s wrong. Journalists should NOT be calling for censorship. #FreeSpeech 

Trump team: Hunter Biden made more in a month than most senators in a year. "And you don't think that merits inquiry?" What a good argument for an investigation of Ivanka & Jared. After all, they make in one-half a day what a senator makes in a year. Let's go! #ImpeachmentTrial 

McConnell's rules for whatever you want to call what will take place in the Senate is not a process for determining the merits of the accusations. It's a process for saying, "we don't care."

Mike Lee calls Iran briefing “probably the worst briefing at least on a military issue I’ve seen,” adding that it was “insulting” to be told by administration officials not to debate merits of taking military action

Today on the Senate floor, Sen. McConnell complained about the impeachment process and made partisan accusations. But in his 30-minute speech in Pres. Trump's "defense," he didn't defend the president on the merits. A damning reflection on the state of Pres. Trump's defense.

In the absence of the IG report, it’s impossible to evaluate the merits of this harsh treatment of a 21-year FBI professional. That it comes after the President urged the DOJ to deprive McCabe of his pension, and after his testimony, gives the action an odious taint.

No it didn’t. It declined to grant expedited review of that ruling, preferring to wait until the matter has made its way through courts of appeal. This, obviously, was not a ruling on the merits of the case.

Voter fraud operative: 45 meetings w/ Obama--thismerits a serious criminal investigation (not a James Comey "frien…