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Silly CHRIS CILLIZZA Memory-Holes Biden's Debate Pledge to End Oil Industry

WP: The boogeyman plunging him and the family of his late wife into the very worst of memory holes is a conspiracy-theory-loving, twitchy-fingered and often shameless tweeter who also happens to be the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. @realDonaldTrump  @PressSec 

Trump memory-holes 3,000 deaths, Lehman's long shadow and big oil's bad bet

#NJ Senator is PISSED!!! Seems like 's "S-Hole#Trump  comment has also created quite a few memory holes. #CoryBooker  #ShitholeCountries 

Jimmy Savile's 'clunk click' safety ads ejected from National Archives Not sure I'm in favour of memory holes for even the most odious creatures


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Commentary: Historical facts vanish in Putin’s memory holes

EU's 'right to be forgotten’ risks creating huge memory holes at the heart of the internet

“Memory holes” blanket Wikipedia as links disappear in search results by @dmkravets 

Right to be forgotten legislation will create 'Orwellian memory holes' online says Wikipedia

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AP Memory-Holes How Troops Met Hagel 'With Silence,’ Possibly Due to (Cough, Cough) 'Reluctance to Display Emotion'