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A video Mellissa Carone’s fiancé posted has since been removed, but they clearly followed the mob past the barricades. I have not seen any evidence they entered the building.

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Rudy’s star witness Mellissa Carone and Victoria Jackson, a former SNL actress who went off the deep end.

Rudy Giuliani’s star witness Mellissa Carone, who was already way off the deep end, has just going completely off the rails after her trip to DC.

Mellissa Carone, Rudy Giuliani’s star witness, has gone down the Antifa rabbit hole, and is also talking about leaving Facebook.

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I take no pleasure in reporting that Mellissa Carone is coming back to DC for the Trump insanity tomorrow.

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Dominion tells Mellissa Carone, others to stop spreading election misinformation

This letter from Dominion's law firm to Mellissa Carone is 100% weapons-grade "F*ck Around and Find Out"


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Hey there, Twitter. So today I talked to Mellissa Carone, who you know from the Internet this week. Up until a few weeks before the election, she was on probation for… well I’ll just let you read it. Quite a convo!

Michigan Malfeasance: Mellissa Carone, a Michigan whistleblower and her attorney, David Kallman provide an exclusive inside look at widespread voter fraud she claims to have witnessed in Michigan. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

“I can’t even get an actual job anymore,” says Mellissa Carone. She says she was laid off from Ford before she was hired by a staffing agency to do temp IT work, now claims that Democrats are the reason she hasn’t been hired in the past four weeks.

There’s A LOT about Mellissa Carone that we chose not to put into the story because it’s not directly related to her credibility. And we’ve all had a good laugh about her testimony. But she’s also part of a propaganda campaign to disenfranchise millions!

Mellissa Carone told me she “talked to Trump and Giuliani” about her claims. Woah! She talked to the president? Huge news! I asked for details. She then made clear that she didn’t actually talk to Trump.

Mellissa Carone’s story, as of today, is that… she lied to the police about a computer-related crime that she now claims her fiancé committed using her phone.

I would once again like to emphasize that Mellissa Carone’s current story is that she LIED TO THE POLICE AND CONFESSED TO A CRIME SHE DIDN’T COMMIT after her fiancé tried to frame his ex-wife for stealing their sex videos. Star witness!

Mellissa Carone: “I’ve had to get rid of social media.” Also Mellissa Carone:

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