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QAnon conspiracy theories are tearing families apart — just ask Melissa Rein Lively, a former QAnon follower. “Whatever your specific fear is, you can find essentially what is like a choose-your-own adventure down a doomsday rabbit hole of whatever you are most afraid of.”

Former QAnon believer Melissa Rein Lively discusses her radicalization, self-destruction and eventual escape from the group @CNN : "I really believe that it's a cult, it operates like a cult in every way."

“I’ll never forget the image,” Melissa Rein Lively said in a recent interview. “The meme that I saw that changed everything for me"

Melissa Rein Lively says she was losing her business during the pandemic when she started believing in QAnon. "I didn't know what to do. So I moved to the internet ... It really took only a matter of weeks until I was in this terrifying [echo] chamber"

The conspiracy theorists who struck at the American government have become the public face of QAnon, but the group has attracted many ordinary US citizens too. Melissa Rein Lively, a PR executive, explains how the movement almost destroyed her life

You'll want to hear this one. Melissa Rein Lively, once a devout supporter QAnon who went viral after posting a video of herself destroying a Target mask display last July, speaks out. Here's Lively's story and why she regrets what she did.

Melissa Rein Lively, the former QAnon supporter who went viral after destroying a Target mask display, now regrets what she did. She'll share her story on Newsy Tonight at 7pmET.

Melissa Rein Lively’s profanity-laced tirade inside a Target was caught on camera and took off on social media, but she says it doesn’t tell the full story and that she suffers from mental illness.

Melissa Rein Lively, Arizona Woman Who Vandalized Masks at Target Store Blames it on Bipolar Disorder


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Melissa Rein Lively, who recorded herself destroying a Target mask display and flashed her Rolex, said she is being treated for mental illness.

Target Karen Pulls A Charlie Sheen! *Sniff Sniff* Allegedly being under the influence of substances does not excuse her racist and criminal behavior, but it sure does explain it. melissa rein lively'>Hoping Melissa Rein Lively gets the help she obviously needs.