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As millions of Melburnians start life under an unprecedented level of lockdown, here’s what you need to know about the new restrictions >

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Five million Melburnians have spent their first night under a citywide, coronavirus-enforced curfew that will last the next six weeks.

New state of disaster rules mean Melburnians are banned from travelling more than 5km from home. Use this tool to estimate how far that is from your house.

If Melburnians needed an extra excuse to stay indoors after tough new stage 4 lockdown restrictions were introduced, this is it.

Melburnians will spend the next six weeks under the strictest curfew in Australian history as Daniel Andrews concedes his government’s #coronavirus  strategy has failed.

As well as new business rules, Melburnians are coming to terms with stage four restrictions at home. For many, the biggest adjustment today has been the strict limits on exercise and shopping. @cassiezervos  #7NEWS 

@KristyMayr7  Melburnians have spent their first night under strict new coronavirus restrictions that include a curfew and a 5km travel limit. #7NEWS 

Melburnians emerge from their first night under a coronavirus curfew, as the Victorian Government prepares to shut some businesses down and force others to drastically wind back their workforce. ( via ) @abcnews 

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg joined us to discuss the implications of Stage 4 restrictions on Melburnians & the economy. Listen here 👉

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As millions of Melburnians prepare for life under an unprecedented level of lockdown, we’ve compiled readers’ top questions about their new reality. Here’s what you need to know.


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Melburnians re only allowed to travel within a 5km radius from home to go shopping and exercise. We've created a tool for you to enter your address and see how far you can travel without breaking the basic rule (there are some exemptions).

Recreational activity is no longer allowed, with one hour of exercise per day permitted. Just one person from each household will be allowed to go grocery shopping, and Melburnians will not be able to travel more than 5kms away from their homes. #springst  #COVID19Vic  #Stage4 

While Victorian Premier@DanielAndrewsMP  announced masks are mandatory in his state, he also continued to blame Melburnians for the second COVID outbreak rather than “accept his own government’s mistakes," says Sky News host @SharriMarkson .

The Vic Govt has to answer questions about pandemic-management decisions made in Vic BUT we all face big questions about personal responsibility too. Many Melburnians have been behaving as if we’ve found a cure ever since Stage 3 easing - we are both the problem and the solution.

The CMO issues new advice for Melburnians: you should wear a face mask if you are in a space where physical distancing cannot be maintained 😷

Millions of Melburnians are paying a heavy price for the incompetence of Daniel Andrews’ government while the Premier blames everyone but himself, writes @RitaPanahi 

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is urging Melburnians to wear masks if they need to go out in public.

Important info for Melburnians re #COVID19Aus : The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee has strongly discouraged travel to and from the Victorian local government areas of Hume, Casey, Brimbank, Moreland, Cardinia and Darebin due to a surge in coronavirus cases.

Like a lot of Melburnians, I'm a longtime supporter of a train from Tullamarine to the city. Today's announcement is a good step in the right direction. It's really important that Victorians get the first and final say in what happens next.

Melburnians – if you head out to a restaurant tonight, why not send a pic of your dinner? Let's show him we're not affected by his brand of fear-mongering.