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“Well if [Donald Trump is] elected, I mean, we’re done as a democracy,” Fiona Hill said on The Interview.

Melbourne will lift its COVID stay-at-home order beginning Friday. This will bring to an end the world’s longest lockdown. About time. It’s been clear that Melbourne’s COVID-zero strategy is only good for strangling the economy, not stopping COVID.

Several venues around Canberra are saddling up for celebrations on Melbourne Cup Day but if you're keen to get a ticket for the town's premier event, that horse has already bolted, via @KarenHardyCT 

‘A Covid incubator’: outbreak in Melbourne refugee detention hotel grows as vaccination rate lags

Do you have a fruit tree at your place?🍊 What do you do with your excess fruit? This Melbourne man is on a mission to make sure valuable produce doesn't go to waste.

‘A Covid incubator’: outbreak in Melbourne refugee detention hotel grows as vaccination rates lag

‘A Covid incubator’: outbreak in Melbourne refugee detention hotel grows as vaccination rates lag

Victoria has recorded 1749 new locally acquired COVID-19 cases and 11 deaths, as the end of Melbourne’s sixth lockdown nears. #coronavirus  #Victoria 

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Melbourne-based company will test and evaluate an advanced satellite weather sensors ­— called "sounders" — that measure temperature and water vapor

Ask Fiona: I've had enough of my husband and his mum pairing against me


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"We're heading...towards the degradation of our democracy, and...very unfortunately, on a path towards authoritarianism and autocracy," Fiona Hill says. "I don't say that lightly, neither does anyone else, but we're in a very dangerous moment right now."

“Putin, sadly, has got all of our political class, every single one of us, including the media, exactly where he wants us.” Fiona Hill speaks to Lesley Stahl in her first interview since the impeachment inquiry. Watch tomorrow on 60 Minutes.

Melbourne, Australia: Sarah Kelly, a 22-year old Covid patient with Down Syndrome was admitted to hospital. She needed help to breathe — but was fearful of the nasal mask. Then @TheWiggles  found out - and sent her a video. It saved her life...

Peter Stanley gives @MattHancockMP  £5,000. Matt Hancock then gives Peter's wife (and his family friend) Fiona a £14.4 million PPE contract. The company has no website and the contract is not fulfilled. Daylight robbery of taxpayers' money. A racket.

Here’s the thing: Even with problems of this magnitude, each of us can still find a way to make change. That’s why I’m proud of young people like Alice Mahar, a environmental activist in Melbourne. Read about her and find ways you can help, too:

To the same extent that John Bolton indicts Trump for unfitness, he indicts himself for cowardice and greed. Col. Vindman and Fiona Hill risked their careers by testifying, showing real courage and patriotism. Bolton lacks both, breaking his silence only now and to make money.

NEW: The top Russia expert on Trump’s National Security Council, Andrew Peek, has left his post, just a couple months in, sources tell me, @nwadhams  and @justinsink . That’s the Fiona Hill, Tim Morrison, Russia/Ukraine job. Peek was escorted from WH on Friday. Story out soon.

I've nominated Dr. Fiona Hill & former Amb Marie Yovanovitch for the @JFKLibrary  Profile in Courage Award. These women are heroes in every sense of the word, risking their safety, job security & reputations in order to speak out against corruption.

Awful scenes in Melbourne. Dalila Jakupovic has abandoned her #AusOpen  qualifying match after suffering a coughing fit while playing in thick smoke caused by the #AustralianFires .

Thankful for the rain in Melbourne but praying for more rain all across Australia to help with the uncontrollable bushfires to help ease the work of the tired firemen. ?