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The people who know him best think he’s the absolute worst. #AlumniAgainstTrump  by @MeidasTouch 

A chilling video from MeidasTouch explains 'what's at stake'

MeidasTouch delivers the beginning of its closing argument against the president.

Make Idiocracy A Movie Again! #BelieveInAmerica  🔥🔥🔥 New ad from @MeidasTouch 

Film of the year MeidasTouch — Donate via ActBlue

Trump is also endangering White House workers. This great new MeidasTouch ad reminds us

America cannot survive 4 more years of #TrumpDevastation . 🔥🔥🔥 new ad from @MeidasTouch 


Most relevant

MeidasTouch compared the White House press secretary to the infamous Iraqi propagandist known as Baghdad Bob.

Pack up your Adderall. It’s moving day. 🚛 New bop from @MeidasTouch  ft @BetteMidler . #MoveTrumpOut 

We needed a real President. What we had was a carnival barking clown. #PretendPresident  by @MeidasTouch 

MeidasTouch video used Hannity's own words against Biden to mock Trump.

"Trump has no plan. Never has. Never will," the spot from progressive PAC MeidasTouch says.

The #ByeIvanka  hashtag went viral on Twitter following the release of the progressive MeidasTouch PAC's latest video.