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Here's a Gus Dur joke to cheer us all up. After he beat Megawati to be elected as President of Indonesia in 1999, and she became his VP, he described them as an "ideal" team: "A president who cannot see, and a vice president who cannot talk"

Rachmawati Sukarnoputri, the daughter of Indonesia's founding president, Sukarno, was a rival for her father's political mantle with her sister, Megawati, who became president. Mrs. Rachmawati has died at 70.

Will this be the third time Prabowo has aimed for the apex of power in Indonesia? More like the fifth, if you count his run in the Golkar presidential candidate convention in 2004 and his 2009 VP run with Megawati

Some cadres of Indonesia's ruling party want chairman Megawati's daughter to run for president

At 74, Megawati needs to choose son or daughter as successor #jakpost 

Megawati’s possible BRIN role brings fresh concerns over research politicization #jakpost 

'What's your contribution to the country?': Megawati whines about Indonesian millennials #jakpost 

‘I was correct’: Megawati doubles down on jab at millennial generation #jakpost 

'What's your contribution to the country?': Megawati whines about Indonesian millennials #jakpost 


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Jokowi will address UN General Assembly (via video link) today for the first time in his presidency. Jokowi's previous VP Jusuf Kalla did the last five trips to NYC for UNGA. SBY addressed UNGA x4, Suharto x2, & once each for Megawati, Sukarno & Gus Dur?

Megawati tells senior politicians not to ‘force’ their children to join 2024 race #jakpost 

When Abdurrahman Wahid was elected president in 1999, he allowed the dance to be performed during festivals and declared Chinese New Year a facultative holiday. Former president Megawati Soekarnoputri followed suit and made Chinese New Year a national holiday. #jakpost