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#MegaMillions numbers: Check those tickets to see if you are the $55 million lottery jackpot winner


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Indecent. Immoral. Corrupt. John Kelly drove Trump’s child separation policy that inflicted trauma on thousands of children. Now he’ll get paid to increase profits for Caliburn – the for-profit prison reaping mega-millions locking up migrant children.

Congrats to the amazing Royals and underrated O's. All those megamillions spent on the Angels and Tigers and they weren't worth a nickel.

Where would you travel first if you won the #MegaMillions ? 🤔

Here’s a fun exercise. Imagine you won Megamillions (which I will do tomorrow). Now ask yourself: Who will be the first acquaintance, but non-friend, to call you to “congratulate” you and lay the groundwork for the big ask.

#BREAKING: At least 1 person wins $1.6B #MegaMillions  jackpot; 8 California players match 5 of 6 numbers.

When you don't win the #MegaMillions  jackpot and still have to show up to work...

JUST IN: Winning numbers for tonight’s $667 million #MegaMillions  jackpot.

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Untruth in Advertising: “Mega" is the metric prefix for million, so the Mega-millions Lottery should pay trillions of dollars