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@WellCare_Health  is joining forces with delivery service @Shipt  to offer free home delivery of essentials such as groceries for Medicare Advantage members for the rest of 2020.

@WellCare_Health  is joining forces with delivery service @Shipt  to offer free home delivery of essentials such as groceries for Medicare Advantage members for the rest of 2020.

Medicare's coverage of long-term care is limited, but new benefits added to some Medicare Advantage plans will help more seniors to continue to live at home. #healthcare  #seniorcare  #longtermcare  #medicare  #seniorcare  #seniorlivesmatter  @LindsayMarieCCL 

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Humana said it is investing $100 million in the in-home primary care company, Heal, to bring in-person physician house calls to seniors in its Medicare Advantage plans.

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Webinar: Join us on 7/28 as @BHI_USA  showcases the essentials of high-performing, high-integrity Affordable Care Act and Medicare Advantage programs.

"We see bipartisan support for a Medicare Advantage type of structure," says @Humana  CEO Bruce Broussard. "I would not say that all companies are oriented that Biden is going to hurt the industry...we will continue to show that private enterprise can add value."

We need an approach to buying healthcare that can give security to all Americans concerned about the quality and cost of care. I agree with @GCHalvorson 's sentiments that Medicare Advantage can be beneficial to our healthcare system.

Humana will mail more than 1 million in-home colon cancer and diabetic management screening kits to Medicare Advantage and Medicaid members. #healthcare 

@zachdcarter  This was a thing with the KHive during the primary too. I wrote a couple lengthy about the LIFT Act and her 10-year Medicare-Advantage-for-All plan, and got flooded with tweets calling me a misogynoir.


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This fall, many Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage will have a maximum $35 out-of-pocket copay for a month’s supply of broad a range insulins.

In February, I joined @SenCortezMasto , @SenatorRisch  and 62 other colleagues in sending a letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services @SeemaCMS  expressing support for the Medicare Advantage program.

Under my Administration, Medicare Advantage premiums next year will be their lowest in the last 13 years. We are providing GREAT healthcare to our Seniors. We cannot let the radical socialists take that away through Medicare for All!

Trump just commuted the 35 yr sentence of a Medicare fraudster who perpetrated 1 of the worst crimes ever, bilking the system millions of Americans rely on of millions of $ by taking advantage of people w/Alzheimer’s/dementia! What could be his rationale?

Open enrollment starts today on lower-priced Medicare Advantage plans so loved by our great seniors. Crazy Bernie and his band of Congressional Dems will outlaw these plans. Disaster!

In the end I went with NYT (which is now essentially Medicare Advantage, since I'm 66, but looks the same to me as before). And the reason I went that way was that The Times offered me a gratifying lack of choice 3/

By lowering costs, President Trump is making sure every American can afford high quality healthcare. —Last year, POTUS released a historic blueprint to drive down drug prices. —Medicare Advantage premiums will drop next year to their lowest level since 2007.

A socialist takeover of healthcare would hurt the 24 million seniors who have earned and paid into Medicare Advantage.

A government takeover of our health care system—like the plan proposed by Bernie Sanders—would kick some 19 million seniors off their Medicare Advantage plans and nearly 200 million Americans off their current health insurance.

“The Democrats' plan would eviscerate Medicare and eliminate Medicare Advantage for 20 million seniors. We want to protect Medicare… for our great seniors who have earned it and paid for it.” -