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North Carolina is the 40th state to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. The bipartisan expansion comes after a decade of Republican resistance.

Unlike states that enrolled the expansion population into existing Medicaid programs, Arkansas chose to do it differently. The state used its expansion dollars to buy private insurance for the uninsured Arkansas population.

Florida faces Medicaid class-action lawsuit over medical supplies for disabled adults

North Carolina has become the 40th state to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. This comes after a decade of Republican resistance in the state. @johnyangtv  reports on what this means for those uninsured in the state.

Oregon’s mental health crisis shouldn’t be blamed on low Medicaid payments for providers, study finds

Thirteen years after the launch of Obamacare, “Republicans are abandoning their opposition to Medicaid expansion.” Indifference to health care for the poor is yields to seeing Medicaid as promoting economic growth “and a lifeline for struggling hospitals."

Have you been impacted by the end of pandemic-era Medicaid provisions? We want to hear from you. Please fill out our survey:

It's not Medicaid expansion. Instead, it's obscure federal funding that over 35 states have used to boost payments for hospitals and other providers under Medicaid. But are states being held accountable?

Federal law says Medicaid patients have the right to fill prescriptions from any willing and qualified provider. That includes Walgreens.

Millions of Americans are at risk of losing their Medicaid coverage. Here's what you need to know.

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gas·light ˈɡaslīt/ (v) manipulate (someone) into questioning their own sanity Ex: It's gaslighting for the GOP to blow a $2 trillion hole in the deficit to give the rich a tax cut then suggest cutting Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid as the only fix for that new deficit.

Remember: the two main means-tested programs in America are Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps). In each case most beneficiaries are children, elderly, or disabled. The idea that we're handing out billions to lazy bums is false and slanderous.

REPUBLICANS IN THE SENATE VOTED THIS WEEK TO CUT MEDICARE AND MEDICAID IN HALF The GOP just keeps coming for your health care again and again and again and again. And this time, they want to do it while extending President@realDonaldTrump ’s tax cuts for the wealthiest few. No

Trump's budget is one of his cruelest proposals yet. It would: — Cut $850,000,000,000 from Medicare — Cut $270,000,000,000 from Medicaid — Cut $30,000,000,000 from Social SecuritySwing voters, if you're listening: Take note of where Trump's priorities lie.

A reminder about Trump’s budget: ✂ medicaid'>Cuts Medicaid by $1.1 trillion ✂ Cuts Social Security by $72 billion ✂ Cuts Medicare by $266 billion No one can argue that our nation is made stronger by cutting these priorities. Families and seniors would suffer. It is immoral.

Make no mistake: After they borrow $1.5 trillion to pass a windfall tax break for corporations and the rich, Trump, Ryan, and McConnell will seek cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to pay it back.

#BREAKING: All 50 Medicaid directors come out against GOP bill to repeal ObamaCare

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The just voted against protecting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security from future cuts. Make no mistake: they’re on the chopping block next in the GOP Congress. #GOPTaxScam 

Seriously. This is BANANAS. You couldn't get ALL 50 state Medicaid directors to agree any anything else in health care policy.

Kellyanne is lying. It cuts Medicaid by about $800 billion.