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Biden expected to reopen Obamacare enrollments, ease Medicaid sign-ups in COVID-19 healthcare orders

We must protect families and access to healthcare. Join us by contacting Congress to increase the federal Medicaid and extend increased monthly #SNAP  benefits. Take action now: #UWAdvocate  #FundMedicaid  #BoostSNAPNow 

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Rosie’s Law would add abortion coverage back to the Medicaid and private insurance coverage pools. In Texas, 1 in 3 women of reproductive age has private insurance but cannot use it for an abortion.

The bills would require health coverage for abortions under Medicaid and lift restriction on coverage by private insurers.

“Privatizing our state’s Medicaid system will lead to reduced access for our most vulnerable Oklahomans and will only cost the state and taxpayers more," the Oklahoma Hospital Association said. | by @CarmenMForman 

Oral surgeon charged with sexually assaulting patients now under investigation for Medicaid billing concerns

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President Biden is scheduled to take executive actions to reopen federal marketplaces selling Affordable Care Act health plans and to lower recently imposed barriers to joining Medicaid.

From opinion contributor Thanes Vanig: Single-tablet regimens are miracle drugs for many HIV patients. Yet Arizona's Medicaid program does not include them.

The groups include education and child care, individuals enrolled in Medicaid long-term care programs, some public-facing essential workers, non-frontline health care essential personnel, and facility staff and residents in congregate living settings.

Biden to reopen online health insurance marketplace, ease Medicaid rules

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Remember: the two main means-tested programs in America are Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps). In each case most beneficiaries are children, elderly, or disabled. The idea that we're handing out billions to lazy bums is false and slanderous.

REPUBLICANS IN THE SENATE VOTED THIS WEEK TO CUT MEDICARE AND MEDICAID IN HALF The GOP just keeps coming for your health care again and again and again and again. And this time, they want to do it while extending President@realDonaldTrump ’s tax cuts for the wealthiest few. No

Proud of all the Americans who showed up to vote yesterday, electing a set of hopeful, forward-thinking leaders primed to protect Medicaid, draw fair voting maps, and reduce gun violence. A great night for our country—one that’ll leave a lasting legacy.

Call your representatives today and demand they pass the #FamiliesFirst  coronavirus bill. It contains: - Free testing - 14 days paid sick leave - 3 months paid family leave - Expanded unemployment insurance & food security - Medicaid funds Lives are on the line. (202) 224-3121

Trump's budget is one of his cruelest proposals yet. It would: — Cut $850,000,000,000 from Medicare — Cut $270,000,000,000 from Medicaid — Cut $30,000,000,000 from Social SecuritySwing voters, if you're listening: Take note of where Trump's priorities lie.

With every petty attack on John McCain, Trump diverts attention from the fact that his budget cuts: --$1.5 trillion from Medicaid --$845 billion from Medicare --$25 billion from Social Security He'd rather keep the nation focused on his feud with the deceased than his agenda.

SCOOP: Trump administration blocks states from using Medicaid to respond to coronavirus crisis

Make no mistake: After they borrow $1.5 trillion to pass a windfall tax break for corporations and the rich, Trump, Ryan, and McConnell will seek cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to pay it back.

"Sorry, we have to cut your Medicaid. There's just not enough money" -- guy flying on a Lear Jet charter to Aspen.

Seriously. This is BANANAS. You couldn't get ALL 50 state Medicaid directors to agree any anything else in health care policy.