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Here’s what closing the Medicaid gap would do: ☑️Expand access to quality health care ☑️ Save 7000 lives each year ☑️ Cut $2 billion of medical debt I’m working to close the Medicaid gap in #BuildBackBetter  legislation.

Closing the 'Medicaid gap' would save lives and $2 billion in medical debt, study finds by @adrianambells 

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Congress considers Medicaid expansion workaround to provide health care to poor Mississippians

Sad to see Democrats i Congress forced to choose between expanding Medicaid access and providing dental, vision and hearing coverage for seniors. Many other countries manage to provide health care that is both universal and comprehensive.

Psychologist indicted for $100,000 in false Medicaid claims via @WSAV 

Closing the 'Medicaid gap' would save lives and $2 billion in medical debt, study finds by @adrianambells 

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If Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling, the U.S. would default for the first time in the nation's history. Anyone who relies on Medicare or Medicaid could see instant disruptions.

Medicaid: Looking for a temporary solution

Millions of Americans rely on home and community-based services and 820,000 are stuck in Medicaid waiting lists, often for years. Additionally, caregivers are frequently pushed to the breaking point with low pay and little-to-no benefits.

Federal Medicaid Office Says Medicaid Services Waitlist Is Unconstitutional


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I cannot adequately describe the disfunction & chaos that is MO state govt right now. Refusing people’s will on Medicaid expansion,refusing to re-up pro forma law that also leaves billions of Fed $ on the table,passing unconstitutional backwoods bullshit on guns. So embarrassing.

"The bill signed by President Biden would give Mississippi - the poorest state in the country - an estimated $600 million to expand Medicaid to roughly 200,000 to 300,000 people in the state." Health insurance for 250,000 people! Governor Reeves says no.

Call your representatives today and demand they pass the #FamiliesFirst  coronavirus bill. It contains: - Free testing - 14 days paid sick leave - 3 months paid family leave - Expanded unemployment insurance & food security - Medicaid funds Lives are on the line. (202) 224-3121

Make sure your friends see this: Candidate Trump promised. He promised that he would not cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. And yet here is President Trump. On stage. In his #TrumpTownHall . Just yesterday. Saying “Oh, we’ll be cutting”.

Trump's budget is one of his cruelest proposals yet. It would: — Cut $850,000,000,000 from Medicare — Cut $270,000,000,000 from Medicaid — Cut $30,000,000,000 from Social SecuritySwing voters, if you're listening: Take note of where Trump's priorities lie.

NEW: Dems have found a measure that Rs buried in the stimulus that would restrict small business money from going to a range of health care providers that take Medicaid. This includes providers for the disabled and even rape crisis centers. New piece:

Half a trillion slashed from Medicare. $900 billion cut from Medicaid. The #TrumpBudget  is the latest in a long line of attacks the President has carried out on the health & economic security of hard-working Americans.

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When this pandemic is over the same Republicans in Congress who demanded billions in handouts for corporations will demand billions in cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to pay for it. Mark my words.

This has been the GOP's plan all along: 1) Pass massive tax cuts for the rich. 2) Claim the cuts will pay for themselves, dismissing concerns about the deficit. 3) Use the massive hole they've blown in the budget to justify deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

SCOOP: Trump administration blocks states from using Medicaid to respond to coronavirus crisis