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"There was compelling new evidence President Trump knew everything about the effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate the Bidens" & the 2016 vote, & to push a US diplomat out of the way." Wby did the media give the Warren-Sanders dustup as much space?

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Psychiatrists want social media companies to hand over their data to research harm to teens.

Opinion: The vaping panic was the result of media malpractice and political opportunism. Now it's looking eerily like the start of a new drug war. By @anthonyLfisher .

"At my request, a number of police officers had run my photo through the Clearview app. They soon received phone calls asking if they were talking to the media — a sign that Clearview has the ability to monitor whom law enforcement is searching for."

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has defended a video put out by the Fine Gael social media team that was subsequently deleted after a backlash online

Footage of the exchange was heavily shared online, with many social media users criticising Fox for his position.

Corey helped foster careers of many local female media personalities

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Wayne Parrish, an award-winning reporter, editor, and digital media leader, is Torstar’s new senior vice-president editorial.

Wayne Parrish, an award-winning reporter, editor, and digital media leader, is Torstar’s new senior vice-president editorial.

Seattle police officer fired over profane social media posts

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‘If Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads’ — Listen to Sacha Baron Cohen slam the social media industry for facilitating the spread of hate, lies, and conspiracies

These Media Posts will serve as notification to the United States Congress that should Iran strike any U.S. person or target, the United States will quickly & fully strike back, & perhaps in a disproportionate manner. Such legal notice is not required, but is given nevertheless!

Hey US media folks, here, I would argue immodestly, is how you interview a Trump supporter on Trump's lies:

The Democrats and Crooked Hillary paid for & provided a Fake Dossier, with phony information gotten from foreign sources, pushed it to the corrupt media & Dirty Cops, & have now been caught. They spied on my campaign, then tried to cover it up - Just Like Watergate, but bigger!

The Fake News said I played golf today, and I did NOT! I had meeting in various locations, while closely monitoring the U.S. Embassy situation in Iraq, which I am still doing. The Media'>Corrupt Lamestream Media knew this but, not surprisingly, failed to report or correct!

The media talks a lot about me.They make a up a lot of lies and want me to fail but I'm never leaving you, being a belieber is a lifestyle.

Do not believe any article or story you read or see that uses “anonymous sources” having to do with trade or any other subject. Only accept information if it has an actual living name on it. The Media'>Fake News Media makes up many “sources say” stories. Do not believe them!

Please, as social media users & human beings in general, learn to have more empathy for others and know that you never really know the whole story. Use your energy to lift those that you admire rather than be cruel to those u don’t.

When Korean boy band @BTS_twt  appeared at the @BBMAs , they instantly sparked a social media frenzy:

The media is spending more time doing a forensic analysis of Melania's speech than the FBI spent on Hillary's emails.