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'Never pretended to have a crystal ball': Housing market boom prompts mea culpa from CMHC head

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Mea culpa but I admit that due to (ahem) personal life experience and also by witnessing the militancy of Sanders/Warren in the 2020 primary on picket-line front, anything less than “Amazon is putting anti-union propaganda in your toilets, vote yes” would seem weak to me.

I was wrong -- very, very wrong -- about LaMelo Ball and whether the Charlotte Hornets should have picked him. Consider this my mea culpa. That sound you hear is me eating my own words from NBA draft night 3 months ago. But....

Mea Culpa: Dipping into Jane Austen’s other novel, Sense and Responsibility @indypremium 

Mea Culpa: Dipping into Jane Austen’s other novel, Sense and Responsibility


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Big mea culpa from the FT: they were wrong on fiscal austerity. Great. All the years of leftists being ridiculed at Davos & Alpbach, all the lives destroyed, jobs obliterated, fascism fuelled, Greek democracy destroyed... all gone in an instant 1/...

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Which is to say: This isn't a change of heart. It's not a change of mind. It's not a mea culpa. It's a change of strategy. The whole episode is so deeply disgraceful.

Shocked 🙄🙄🙄 Fox News: Following Biden's mea culpa, CNN, MSNBC defend former VP after virtually ignoring latest gaffes

I guess we won't hear a word of "Oops, " or "well we were wrong again " or how about "whoa my bad mea Culpa" no nothing like that - same as collusion w the Russians I guess. Just onto the next thing. #failedmedia  @MorningsMaria  @FoxBusiness  @FoxNews 

1/ A friend told me tonight we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. No we don’t. There has been enough talk. We do not need a forum or another commission. We need a total and complete mea culpa and a serious plan of reparations with a big enough number put on the table.

More Milley mea culpa for his walk in fatigues across Lafayette Square after protesters were moved with chemical irritants: “My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics.”

There will be no public mea culpa from the media for two years of feverishly biased hyping of unfounded allegations. The Public Reckoning Over Russiagate Will Not Be Televised

Macron's mea-culpa-hand-outs are Salvini's dream come true: How can the Commission justify an excessive deficit procedure vs Rome now that France's deficit will exceed 3% of GDP? More confirmation of the co-dependence between the so-called liberal establishment and the fascists

In mea culpa, #Manafort  Judge told jury he was wrong in scolding prosecutors for having expert witness in court to hear other witness testimony. Prosecutors had reminded him he had actually granted approval. "This robe doesn't make me anything other than human," he said

My mea culpa: I thought liberals had won the argument over racism and cultural change. I was so wrong: