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In an unprecedented move, a Manhattan grand jury voted to indict former President Trump for hush money payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign. @EYaroshefsky  explains why this particular case has led to an indictment, and why now.

China threatened to take "resolute countermeasures" if the leader of the small, democratically governed island of Taiwan meets U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy next week during her "transit visit" through the U.S.

But if myocarditis wasn't as widespread as we initially thought, what explains the heart symptoms from the early stages of the pandemic? — via @healthing_ca  #COVID19  #COVID  #heart  #Myocarditis  #healthing 

But if myocarditis wasn't as widespread as we initially thought, what explains the heart symptoms from the early stages of the pandemic? — via @healthing_ca  #COVID19  #COVID  #heat  #Myocarditis  #healthing 

Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Reps. Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene and others have pushed back against former President Trump’s indictment, calling it a political "witch hunt."

Tech companies are posting “end-of-life” policies for smart cameras and gadgets, explains @nicnguyen  #WSJWhatsNow 

McCarthy is dragging out his debt ceiling dilemma. But the choices are clear.

Ron DeSantis said that if it came to it, he wouldn't assist in any extradition requests made for Trump. @maddow  explains why that's more dangerous than any indictment.

McCarthy offers to make Biden "soft food" lunch if he will meet on debt limit

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Bill Nye explains the vastness of the universe


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Millions of middle class paychecks are at risk this next payday because Trump and McCarthy deregulated banks. And he bragged about it.

Kevin McCarthy turned over Jan 6 videos to right-wing propagandist Tucker Carlson. A man who spews Kremlin talking points. Suggests Jan 6 was a false flag. And spreads the Big Lie. Make no mistake: This isn’t about transparency, it’s about fueling dangerous conspiracy theories.

Kevin McCarthy just kicked me and @RepSwalwell  off the Intelligence Committee. This is petty, political payback for investigating Donald Trump. If he thinks this will stop me, he will soon find out just how wrong he is. I will always defend our democracy.

🚨BREAKING: Speaker McCarthy sends DC in utter PANIC after announcing he wants to release ALL FOOTAGE from January 6th

Everything changes once you know what McCarthy and Gaetz were actually saying #118thCongress  #KevinMcCarthy  #MattGaetz 

‘I can think of nothing more American.’ — Beto O'Rourke — the man taking on Ted Cruz — brilliantly explains why NFL players kneeling during the anthem is not disrespectful

Kevin McCarthy has no ideology, no core set of beliefs. He knows he can't become Speaker without support from the QAnon contingent of his members. So he will do whatever they ask, and remove me from the Intel Committee for holding Trump accountable. He stands for nothing.

"You're selling us self-consciousness." Jameela Jamil explains why she thinks the Kardashians are "double agents for the patriarchy", in the latest Ways to Change the World podcast.

A staffer of mine—who’s 1 month into her job—received a call from a man saying he’s coming to our office w/ an assault rifle to kill me. I hesitate to share this but how else do I tell you we are in violent times, & the architects are Trump & McCarthy. Bloodshed is coming.

LISTEN to this death threat against my children. Since the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago, Trump, McCarthy, and MAGA Republicans are stoking violent rhetoric against lawmakers and law enforcement. Someone is going to get killed.