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Mayor LaToya Cantrell said that residents need to follow guidelines in order to move forward, which includes the mandatory mask mandate.

JUST IN: Rutherford County is reinstating its mask mandate starting on Wednesday night. See the reason behind the mayor's decision.

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MASK MANDATE FINE: New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell reminded people that if they violate the mask mandate in Orleans Parish they face a fine of $500. Those who can't pay the fine can work it off by picking up litter around the city >>

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Police: Man upset with mask mandate threatened to kidnap and kill Wichita mayor

Sumner County hospital CEO praises Mayor Anthony Holt's decision to reinstate mask mandate


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"I actually could tell that this was a pretty well thought out plan," Wichita Mayor Whipple says, discussing alleged kidnapping plot over his support of a face mask mandate. "The person wasn't just venting, they were actually looking for my address."

Wichita man arrested for allegedly threatening to kidnap and kill the mayor over city’s mask mandate, police say

“I’d go to every mayor, I’d go to every councilman, I’d go to every local official and say, ‘mandate the mask,’” Joe Biden tells @GStephanopoulos  when pressed on how a national mask mandate could be enforced. “The words of a president matter,” he adds.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has withdrawn a lawsuit he filed against Atlanta's Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and the City Council in an effort to block restrictions the city put in place to fight the coronavirus, including a mask mandate

Georgia's Republican governor is withdrawing a lawsuit he filed against Atlanta's Democratic mayor and City Council in an effort to block restrictions the city put in place to fight the coronavirus, including a citywide mask mandate

#BREAKING : Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp slams Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms' mask mandate: "I refuse to sit back and watch as disastrous policies threaten the lives and livelihoods of our citizens."

Atlanta Mayor Lance Bottoms on Georgia Gov. Kemp's lawsuit over city's mask mandate: "It is an absolute waste of resources." "It is really a distraction from what the real enemy is here, and that enemy is this virus that's killing people in our city."

“It is completely unreasonable the course that this governor has put us on,” Mayor Bottoms says of Gov. Kemp and his decision to sue over her mask mandate. “ICU capacity in Atlanta, I think we have roughly about 13% left…and yet he wants to silence me.”

Governor sues Atlanta mayor, city council over mask mandate:

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