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HAPPENING TODAY: Mayor Jim Kenney and Superintendent Dr. William Hite are expected to make a major announcement regarding internet access during the city's 1 p.m. briefing Thursday

Mayor Jim Kenney intends to appoint Tumar Alexander, Philadelphia's first deputy managing director, as the acting managing director once Brian Abernathy leaves in September.

The local federal prosecutor in Philadelphia said Mayor Jim Kenney's ban on gatherings of 50 or more people through next February is unconstitutional if the city allows protests during the same period.

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JUST IN: Eyewitness News has confirmed Mayor Jim Kenney will be appointing Tumar Alexander as Philadelphia's acting managing director.

Mayor Jim Kenney and #AARP  have teamed up to create a long-term plan to improve housing, transportation and green spaces in #Philadelphia  for all ages.

Mayor Jim Kenney said he met with organizers of a protest encampment on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway on Monday, and he’s hopeful it will be gone soon.

Daily News | Mayor Jim Kenney’s hands-off style landed him big wins in a calm first term. Does it still work during crisis?

8/ Mayor Jim Kenney gave Commissioner Danielle Outlaw the authorization to use tear gas in West Philly — a substance that is banned from warfare and has not been used for crowd dispersal in Philly since the days of Commissioner and Mayor Frank Rizzo.

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Philadelphia removed a statue of former mayor Frank Rizzo, who famously told voters to "vote white," after protesters tried to take it down. Mayor Jim Kenney said the statue "represented bigotry, hatred, and oppression for too many people."

Philadelphia removed a statue of the former mayor Frank Rizzo, who aggressively policed black and gay people in the '60s and ’70s, after protesters tried to take it down. Mayor Jim Kenney said it was "the beginning of the healing process of our city."

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#Breaking : mayor jim kenney'>Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and top officials told police they could use tear gas on crowds protesting in the city last week. Details:

#BREAKING : Mayor Jim Kenney is issuing a stay-at-home order for Philadelphia residents and banning public gatherings beginning 8 a.m. Monday.

No Mayor Jim Kenney, your anger is woefully displaced. Philadelphia already has strict gun laws and the last time I checked there are many laws against attempted murder. Your outcry for gun control is ridiculous at this time and does not help you politically.

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mayor jim kenney'>Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney pleads for gun control after hours long standoff that left six officers injured: “Our officers need help. They need help. They need help with gun control."

NEW: Mayor Jim Kenney says six officers injured in Philadelphia shooting are “all in good spirits.” “Obviously, it was a very traumatic experience for them.”

WATCH: mayor jim kenney'>Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney says his officers “need help with gun control,” taking aim at state and federal lawmakers who he says “don’t want to stand up to the NRA” and “preempt” local officials on gun control legislation.

"There's no one more disrespectful to this country than the President...the guy talks about being patriotic, he avoided the draft five times in Vietnam." mayor jim kenney'>Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has his say on Trump canceling Philadelphia Eagles White House visit.