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Political Commentator Maureen Harquail and Political Strategist Marcel Wieder discuss Erin O'Toole's tactics.

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*MARMALADE-DROPPER* !!!! "Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell’s fascinating and highly entertaining book, The Cult of We, is packed with marmalade-dropper stories"

The best writing on the subject I've read so far is Maureen Tkacik's "How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Sacklers? " for @theprospect  . 9/

JK Labajo is one supportive boyfriend to Maureen Wroblewitz in her bid for the Miss Universe Philippines crown.

Just when you thought it was safe to switch on for some crackin’ on with the arrival of the latest batch of beefcakes and beauties, the issue of ownership reared its ugly head, writes Maureen Coleman

GO! for the Gold: @MaureenKyle  honors special nursing home workers who cared for her grandma

Irish Hollywood legend Maureen O'Hara had plenty to say during her long life. Here are some of our favorite quotes #maureenohara  #irishcelebs 


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John Dowd has issued a statement on his voicemail. He used Comic Sans.

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EXCLUSIVE: Trump allies -- like a former campaign staffer and even his former personal lawyer, John Dowd -- have sold their access to Trump, taking $$$ from wealthy felons to lobby Trump and White House aides, like Jared Kushner, for pardons. w @kenvogel 

Sacha Baron Cohen is known for using his comedy to get people to reveal their inner prejudices. He tells Maureen Dowd about why he has revived his Borat character, about crashing Mike Pence’s speech at CPAC and pitching Donald Trump as Ali G.

In a column, New York Times opinion writer Maureen Dowd somehow forgot about the 2016 election–namely, who ran on the Democratic ticket.

I thought this letter from respected retired Marine and Super Star lawyer, John Dowd, would be of interest to the American People. Read it!

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Either @timkaine  and I had a very vivid shared hallucination four years ago or Maureen had too much pot brownie before writing her column again.

If you really want a rent freeze, you could simply convince Maureen to cancel her protest.

Didn’t Maureen Dowd write a column about Trump being a dove, Hillary a hawk. Am I misremembering that?