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"Now in his 26th year as the artistic director of the Gold Dust Orphans, Ryan Landry is that most paradoxical of figures: the iconoclast as institution,” writes @GlobeAucoin  in a review of "A Grinchley Christmas Carol."

Matt Teeter said he will work through the end of the 2021-22 year and has not yet decided what he will do next, but he and his family plan to stay in Willard.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said he's spoken directly with former President Trump about installing Trump as House speaker if Republicans win control of the chamber in the midterms.

“We have a generational opportunity to have a Minnesota economy that works for all Minnesotans,” said House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler, DFL-Golden Valley.

The state of #cybersecurity  is reaching breaking point and requires a coordinated approach to build sustainability. Matt Oberhofer, at WWT, writes about how #ZeroTrust  Architecture can help companies on their journey to sustainability.

"Their heads are filled with nonsense, who live for TV appearances....they're the enemy of democracy." - @OCMayorSteve  blasts the GOP Freedom Caucus for blasting 'real' Republicans like Paul Ryan. Scaffidi Show podcasts here:

Sinead Ryan: 'If you want more Lotto winners, put a cap of €5m on the jackpot'

A small 80 square foot storefront on Main Street in Tannersville is bringing ‘A Christmas Story’ to life! Restaurateur and Entrepreneur Ryan Chadwick is behind the window display inspired by the famous holiday movie.

ICYMI: Matt Love said the incident raises a lot of concerns around the status of long-term care in Saskatchewan following a preventable fall.


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Rep. Joe Kennedy had some choice words for Paul Ryan about the GOP health care bill

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Matt Hancock should have resigned over the Serco contract, the Care Home deaths, the PPE disaster and the treatment of NHS workers and carers.

“A group of Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania say 200,000 more votes were counted in the 2020 Election than voters (100% went to Biden). State Representative Frank Ryan said they found troubling discrepancies after an analysis of Election Day data.” @FoxNews  This is far....

So weird to watch @FoxNews  interviewing only failed Dems, like Represenative Tim Ryan of Ohio, who got zero percent in his recent presidential run, and following Sleepy Joe’s train to wherever. What a difference from the past - But we will win anyway!!!

Trump literally ran Paul Ryan out of politics. Why? Paul Ryan knew Trump was poison. So does Romney. Trump is not a conservative or even a Republican. You know that. You know Barr is dirty. You know if Trump gets re-elected it's over. How many books have to be written?

“Cities across the Nation that are run by Democrats are in shambles.” Matt Walsh@TuckerCarlson 

“Joe Biden, a little out of it, let’s face it, so he is the perfect vessel, an empty vessel, to transform the Country.” @TuckerCarlson  @FoxNews  “Destroying your dreams and ending your life.” Ned Ryan

Praying for Ryan Newman, a great and brave @NASCAR  driver! #PrayingForRyan 

Could somebody at @FoxNews  please explain to Trump hater A.B. Stoddard (zero talent!) and @TeamCavuto , that I won every one of my debates, from beginning to end. Check the polls taken immediately after the debates. The debates got me elected. Must be Fox Board Member Paul Ryan!