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On test and trace processesing problems, Matt Hancock told Health Select on Sept 8 "it’s a matter of a couple of weeks until we can get all of that sorted" That was 15 days ago.

'The system failed Emma' Andrew Jenkinson tells #KayBurley  of his wife's brain cancer that has got worse since her chemotherapy treatment was paused due to the #COVID19  pandemic. He adds 'there's a lot I'd like to say to Matt Hancock'.

Starmer now asking about a difference that doesn't seem to exist between Dido Harding & Matt Hancock in explaining shortage of tests

Catch-up: Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson has lashed out over the Government's failings on airport testing in a heated conference call with matt hancock'>Health Secretary Matt Hancock. The airline announced 1,000 job losses earlier this month

In these difficult circumstances I always think to myself “now, what would Matt Hancock do?”. I think we know. Shop him and fine him 10x for being an elected representative of the people.

matt hancock'>Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced £500 isolation support payments for people on low incomes who have to self-isolate. Get the latest #coronavirus  news here:

The CMOs urged people to follow government guidelines "to avoid significant excess deaths and exceptional pressure in the NHS" matt hancock'>Health Secretary Matt Hancock says the move reflects "the significant shift in the current threat posed by coronavirus"

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The local lockdown restrictions on household mixing will be eased where it is necessary to provide childcare, Matt Hancock has announced.

Matt Hancock announces informal childcare exempt from lockdown restrictions in rule update

matt hancock'>Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced £500 isolation support payments for people on low incomes who have to self-isolate. Get the latest #coronavirus  news here:


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After Matt Hancock asks Premier League footballers to donate their wages to help fight coronavirus, some wonder if he should ask the UK’s hedge fund owners, tax-dodging FTSE 100 companies and non-domiciled Russian oligarchs to do the same.

Matt Hancock confirms NHS track-and-trace app will be adapted to identify staff who haven’t paid for hospital parking.

Under cover of a crisis, matt hancock'>Health Secretary Matt Hancock has struck a secret deal with US tech giants to deliver a "COVID-19 data store". This will be the biggest, most sinister handover of personal NHS patient data to private firms ever. Speak out now.

I get the idea that Health secretary Matt Hancock thinks he’s a lot more intelligent than he actually is. Always very smug and slippery. Excuse me but Matt you’ve had a major howler here and it’s about time you handed facts out instead of worrying about what the opposition thinks

Matt Hancock announces all stable doors to be closed in 10 days' time.

BREAKING: Matt Hancock hits his 100k-a-day target after getting Priti Patel to read out the number.

Matt Hancock how dare you try to deflect blame for inadequate PPE supplies by insinuating overuse by NHS staff is the problem Lecturing them that it’s a “precious resource” is unforgivable -those putting lives on line know its value -get your act together

I wish I was a player for 10 more mins.The PL players are more than likely working on a proposal to help clubs , communities and The NHS. It takes longer than 2 weeks to put together. Matt Hancock calling them out when he can’t get tests in place for NHS staff is a f@@@ @g  cheek!

As UK reports world’s second-highest death toll, some wonder if moving forwards Matt Hancock should be mindful of his tone.

Even the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, admitted he couldn't survive on £94 a week Statutory Sick Pay that self-employed people are supposed to live on. The government is protecting incomes for employees. It must do the same for self-employed, agency and zero hours workers.