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@RonDeibert 's Massey Lectures on technology, Reset: Reclaiming the Internet for Civil Society, are among the five books shortlisted for the 2021 @DonnerPrize . Winner is announced May 19th. @cbcbooks  @cbcradio  @MasseyCollege  @HouseofAnansi  @citizenlab 

In the 2020 CBC Massey Lectures, @RonDeibert  exposes the disturbing impact of the "always-connected mega-machine." "Information and communications technologies are... not supposed to contribute to our collective demise." @citizenlab 

Bestselling and acclaimed Canadian author Esi Edugyan will deliver this year's CBC Massey Lectures, exploring the relationship between art and race.

@HouseofAnansi  @MasseyCollegeEsi  Edugyan's 2021 Massey Lectures, Out of the Sun, will explore the relationship between art and race. "This is a book about where we find ourselves in the moment, but it's also about who we've been and hope to be, " says the acclaimed author.

Two-time Scotiabank Giller Prize winner Esi Edugyan will deliver this year's CBC Massey Lectures, exploring the relationship between art and race.

Esi Edugyan's 2021 Massey Lectures, Out of the Sun: On Art, Race, and the Future, will be broadcast this fall on @cbcideas . The book will be published in September 2021 by @HouseofAnansi . 

If you're missing listening to IDEAS since we are pre-empted for #CanadaReads2021 , you can listen to Northrop Frye's 1962 Massey Lectures: The Educated Imagination, airing in our 4 a.m. time slot. But don't worry, you can sleep in and listen here:

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In Doris Lessing's 1985 CBC Massey Lectures, the Nobel laureate and astute observer shares her insights on identity politics, highlighting divisions we can still see all around us. Listen to Lessons of Doris Lessing (two parts):

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Doris Lessing is considered among the most important writers of the post-war era. In her 1985 CBC Massey lectures, the Nobel laureate addresses the question of individual responsibility in a world increasingly prone to political violence and mass unrest.

Physicist and humanitarian Ursula Franklin influenced a whole generation of #tech  thinkers. We're revisiting Franklin's 1989 Massey Lectures, The Real World of Technology. Her words of wisdom still resonate today. Listen to lecture #4 :

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That's right. The 2020 CBC Massey Lectures starts this Monday. @RonDeibert  calls for a reclaiming of the internet for civil society. He says it's time to reset. "A reset gives us a rare opportunity to imagine an alternative, and begin the process of actually bringing it about."

IDEAS is revisiting Thomas King's 2003 Massey Lectures all week. In his third talk, King looks at the ways Indigenous people have been seen and characterized by outsiders. Nations of real people, reduced at times to one archetype. Podcast: @HouseofAnansi 

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In her 2018 CBC Massey Lectures series, @TanyaTalaga  explores the legacy of cultural genocide against Indigenous peoples. Listen to them here:

Honoured that the Massey Lectures are being broadcast in Australia. I'm going to sound 1,000-years-old here and maybe I am, but #AllOurRelations  reaching around the world is something. #unity 

“While education has played a huge role in damaging relations between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, it is also going to play a crucial role in reconciling that relationship,” Tanya Talaga said during the 2018 CBC Massey Lectures.

‘What is it like to live in a community where suicide is almost normal? For too many Indigenous communities ... life is lived in the normalcy of death.’ Massey Lectures are an urgent call to save lives via #allourrelations 

Journalist made the devastating problem of youth suicide in Indigenous communities the subject of her 2018 Massey Lectures. She spoke to about what she found.

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Boozhoo, today, beside Anemki-Wajiw we begin the Massey Lectures. I am here with All My Relations as we use all of our voices to call for equity for Indigenous kids.

Toronto Star investigative journalist and national bestselling author will deliver the prestigious 2018 CBC Massey Lectures on Indigenous youth suicide — an issue very close to her heart.

We're proud to announce the 2018 CBC Massey Lectures will be delivered by prize-winning journalist Tanya Talaga. "All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward" explores the legacy of cultural genocide against Indigenous peoples and paths towards resurgence.