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Should the Steelers have inserted Mason Rudolph earlier last Sunday to gain experience & should they in future routs? One of many questions answered today:

This is the only time I like seeing Mason Rudolph play football.

When do you start thinking about Mason Rudolph? This game is over. What's the point keeping Ben in the game? He doesn't care about padding his stats.

Like Mike Tomlin did Tuesday, Steelers OC Randy Fichtner doesn't flatly deny or downplay the possibility of using BOTH Mason Rudolph AND Josh Dobbs IF Ben Roethlisberger cannot play. Also implied reps are not a traditional QB1/QB2 split between those two this week.

He supposed to be heir to the throne of Ben when he retires, but Rudolph looked uncomfortable on Sunday during his brief time on the field and @colin_dunlap  wonders if that night in Cleveland a year ago changed things for Mason.

Tomlin on IF Roethlisberger cannot play. “We're going to work both young quarterbacks this week. Mason Rudolph is going to get the bulk of the work...I'm not opposed to playing anybody that's going to increase our chances to win”

mason rudolph'>Tomlin-Mason Rudolph will get the bulk of the snaps, but he's not ruling out playing anyone. So wouldn't rule out Josh Dobbs if Ben could not go Sunday

Tomlin on Mason Rudolph as QB1 and Josh Dobbs QB2 in practice this week-- "We are gonna work both young QBs this week. Mason is going to get the bulk of the work, that's just the position he's in.... but I am not opposed to playing anybody if circumstances dictate."

Circle that FG. Steelers will comeback and win the game because of it.* *unless Mason Rudolph stays in the game.


Most relevant

Browns fans are swinging at a Mason Rudolph piñata with a Steelers helmet. (via @clevelanddotcom )

"[Mason Rudolph was the one who started the fight." @maxkellerman  thinks the reaction to Myles Garrett has been "hysterical."

Mason Rudolph should be significantly fined as well for trying to rip @MylesLGarrett  helmet off his head which ignited the retaliation. He's not without fault in the unfortunate matter. This is a physical,emotional game played by men. Let's not forget that. @nflnetwork  #Truth 

Go to @MylesLGarrett  page and you’ll see the headline: “A Hero is made by the path he chooses, not by the power he is graced with.” Yet, he goes and does what he did to Mason Rudolph. This calls for an automatic SEASON-ENDING SUSPENSION. He should be DONE for the rest of the year

Browns fans are using a helmet to hit a Mason Rudolph piñata (via @clevelanddotcom )

A Browns fan rigged his rear windshield wiper with a Steelers helmet hitting Mason Rudolph in the head ?

Steelers benched Duck Hodges for Mason Rudolph. This fan was READY. (via @steelersfan8479 )

In an appeal with the NFL, Browns’ DE Myles Garrett alleged that Mason Rudolph called him a racial slur prior to last week's brawl on Thursday Night Football, sources told ESPN's Josina Anderson and me, an accusation the Steelers’ QB strongly denies.

When is Mason Rudolph going to apologize? Everyone will have to but him.

Listen people. If he had caught Mason Rudolph the right way, he could have killed him or hurt him very very badly. F that. This is serious.