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In Week 4 action of #abc27fnf  another two great plays to choose from for Play of the Week. Will it be Penn Manor's last-second hail mary? Or will it be Milton Hershey's Cocoa Bean Bowl interception? Watch both of them, and vote for your favorite!

Protest activity in the Brisbane CBD has closed a number of streets. Avoid the area and expect delays around George, Elizabeth, Mary and Alice Streets. #COVID19  #7NEWS 

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#WIMMonth is for honoring trailblazing women such as Mary Guinan, MD, PhD, who helped eradicate smallpox in India and was one of the first scientists to sound the alarm about the #AIDS  epidemic.

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Top-ranked Mary Hardin-Baylor hits the road for the first time this football season when it tries to take down Southwestern University in Georgetown on Saturday.

John - Ann Mary, how do you like what I did to the Purple Cow painting? Ann Mary - It's a cow? I thought it was a television.

#Gogglebox star Mary Killen didn't want to be on show branding it an 'invasion of privacy'

Sixty-four-year-old Mary Cameron’s belongings are currently collected in brown boxes stacked in the living room of her one-bedroom apartment.

General Motors’s Chief Executive Mary Barra said the largest U.S. automaker plans to make changes in its supply chain as it works to address the continuing semiconductor chip crisis that has forced significant production cuts

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We lost Willard Scott passed peacefully at 87 surrounded by family, including his daughters Sally and Mary and his lovely wife, Paris. He was truly my second dad and am where I am today because of his generous spirit. Willard was truly a broadcast #icon 

EXCLUSIVE: A pickup truck parked at the U.S. Capitol and bearing a Three Percenter militia sticker on the day of the Jan. 6 riot belongs to the husband of freshman U.S. Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois, who approvingly quoted Adolf Hitler a day earlier

Manchester, England: After not seeing his wife Mary for several months due to the pandemic — Gordon decided to surprise her by moving into the assisted living home so they could be together. Here’s the reunion...

This is newly sworn-in Republican (Illinois) Congresswoman Mary Miller in front of the Capitol on Tues at the QAnon event saying: “Hitler was right on one thing. He said ‘whoever has the youth has the future’.” Then 5 people died. Gotta resign...

“I’m talking too freely,” Maryanne Trump Barry, a former federal judge, said during 15 hours recorded in 2018 and 2019 by her niece, Mary L. Trump. The remarks are the most critical comments known to have been made about the president by a sibling.

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....will all end up going to the government anyway. Next up is Mary Trump, a seldom seen niece who knows little about me, says untruthful things about my wonderful parents (who couldn’t stand her!) and me, and violated her NDA. She also broke the Law by givng out my....

LEGEND! 84-year-old Mary Ann Wakefield sunk this 94-foot putt to win a new car ? (via @OleMissMBB )

EXCLUSIVE: The president’s niece Mary Trump is set to publish a tell-all this summer—and to reveal that she was a primary source for The New York Times’ investigation into Trump’s taxes.

As usual with “this” General Motors, things just never seem to work out. They said they were going to give us 40,000 much needed Ventilators, “very quickly”. Now they are saying it will only be 6000, in late April, and they want top dollar. Always a mess with Mary B. Invoke “P”.