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BIDEN 🤝 BERNIE? @KatrinaPierson  comments on the reality of a policy alliance between the former VP, Sanders, AOC and more. "Biden has caved to the socialist, Marxist side of things... I really hope Americans are paying attention." @gregkellyfox5 

6. And, again, the Dem Party, now effectively controlled by Marxist Bernie Sanders, is the vessel through which much of their agenda will receive support &cover.  

2.  As with other Democrats, the media seek to protect them & ignore Bernie Sanders’ Marxist history.  Ignore Hillary Clinton’s serial lawlessness. Ignore Barack Obama’s ties to domestic terrorists.

The rating of this fact-check isn't so important as part of the #DemDebate , but it nicely summarizes how Bernie Sanders has discussed Marxist regimes in the Soviet Union, Nicaragua and Cuba.

I voted YES on @MarioDB 's resolution to condemn BernieSanders' comments about Fidel Castro. The House should make it clear that the "literacy program" Sanders praised was a propaganda tool to spread Marxist-socialist ideologies. Sadly the House chose to not condemn communism.

“We need to crush Bernie Sanders. We need to crush his little Marxist army. We need to defeat them on the battlefield of politics,” said @marklevinshow  at #CPAC2020 .

@TheNewRevere  joined @glennbecko  talk about the 1980's-era news reports about Sanders that he recently uncovered. These articles reveal just how shockingly radical of a socialist, Marxist and communist Comrade Bernie really is.

McKinsey Pete's attacks on Bernie Sanders makes me think his whole campaign is just an extension of a lifelong Alex P. Keaton-esque rebellion against his Marxist father