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Bihar elections were held. We won 74 of the 110 seats...You used to ask what'll happen in Bihar? 'Gunda raj' had become rampant as if their govt was going to come. Marxist-Leninist ideology had made Bihar a bloodied land. 'Gunda Raj' joined hands with them: BJP chief, in Dehradun

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But those who study great power rivalry and/or Marxist-Leninist regimes also know that the inevitability of continued growing power or permanent autocratic stability are also unlikely over time. Yet, many make that assumption about China & the CCP today. 3/

For anyone who has studied Marxist-Leninist regimes over the last century, there's absolutely nothing surprising about the CCP's desire to maintain dictatorship at home. What is surprising is that anyone believed that a ML regime would gradually democratize. 2/

Cai Xia recounts her process of disillusionment with China’s leadership, from growing up in a Communist military family to teaching Marxist ideology to party elite to her ultimate expulsion from the CCP.

'While the Black Lives Matter Global Network, led by ‘trained MarxistPatrisse Cullors, embraced the windfall of donations following the George Floyd protests across America, local chapters say they were left holding the bag.' - @NebojsaMalic 

Uh-oh, Marxism! Andrew Kliman is a controversial figure even within Marxist circles, but his Temporal Single Sytem Interpretation (TSSI) of Marx stands on its own two feet as coherent and consistent with evidence.

For a decade and a half, Cai Xia was a professor at China’s Central Party School, teaching Marxist political theory and CCP history to party officials. Here, she recounts how she became disillusioned with the doctrine and the governance of the CCP:

Sky News host Alan Jones says the most profound issue for thinking people concerned with democracy and freedom is the likely removal of @realDonaldTrump , which “presumably will give the green light” to cancel culture, BLM and every other Marxist outfit.

WTH? Breitbart Wages War Against Attorney Lin Wood - Who Is Defending President Trump Against Evil Marxist Horde - Lin Wood Responds (Jim Hoft / The Gateway Pundit)

This is one of the silliest charts I've seen in a while ... unless I missed the UK's Marxist revolution in the 20th century, the Dutch armies rampaging across Europe, etc

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We have 800 documents (not pages - DOCUMENTS) of leaked grade school curriculum being taught across the country. ALL of it is meant to feed our kids Marxist values, and NOT ONE media outlet has looked into it. Until tonight.

Pres Trump on a tear on Fox. He says Black Lives Matter is a “Marxist group” & that it’s wrong for the group to have gained “respectability.” He is bashing athletes for kneeling during the anthem. “If I’m wrong, I’m going to lose an election. OK? And that’s OK with me,” he says.

1. So, a violent Marxist-anarchist, anti-Semitic, hate-America group will have its name painted on sides of the NBA basketball courts.  And the multi-millionaire players and billionaire owners — hypocrites and frauds — expect the rest of us to pay for this?

1. Romney is truly unhinged.  He marches with BLM, an anti-Semitic, Marxist group, and calls Trump corrupt. Damn fool. Both former Democrat presidents pardoned domestic terrorists. Now that’s even worse than corrupt.

1. It can no longer be said that the Democrat Party is not Marxist, the only debate is how deep its Marxism runs.  Black Lives Matter is an openly Marxist, anti-American group.  There's no denying it.

1. Wow, so brilliant, so righteous, so courageous -- BS.  Black Lives Matter is a hate-America, anti-Semitic, self-identified Marxist group.  Paint away on your basketball courts, fools.  And take your damn league down with you.

As I explained on my radio program last week, BLM is an openly Marxist movement.

If you haven't heard, it's Super Tuesday. That means the Dems can choose a Marxist, a moron, an oligarch, or a fake Indian. And those who voted early for candidates that just dropped out, you can thank the libs for such a stupid process. You've been officially disenfranchised.