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4. And the dismissive tone and journalistic disinterest in Antifa is truly outrageous.  The media have demonstrated that they are all in with the violent Marxist movement in our country.

Higher taxes on wealthy had ALREADY made NYC less desirable. Combined w/a Marxist mayor, the pandemic, shutdown, defunding of police, escalating crime & suddenly you have a mass EXODUS unlike anything ever seen! Nearly 1/2 mm people have left NYC. $$ loss is MASSIVE #TrishIntel 

This Is What Happens When ANTIFA Shows Up At A #ProPolice  Rally In Fort Collins, CO Without A Marxist Mayor Issuing Stand Down Orders To The #Police  WARNING LANGUAGE

Marxist-Antifa terrorists continue to destroy Portland, DC-NY based Democrat Party-media ignore.  Instead, promote helmet-less but “vigorous” Biden riding his bike.

“The regime has a Marxist Leninist core, no less than the Soviet Union did, and indeed perhaps more so." @SecPompeo  warns China is "paranoid" about their nation’s relationship with democratic countries.

Trump is portraying Biden as a “radical” Godless Marxist who would make Che Guevara blanch. The only problem: The caricature is at odds w Biden’s whole life.

Democrat media complex is just as culpable in destruction of NYC as the Marxist guerilla army ..... @jfermino  of @NYDNPolitics  smeared and libeled me for my work warning New Yorkers of a Mayor De Blasio before he was first elected the first time.

Kamala is the only Dem who can’t be painted as an unhinged radical thanks to her Marxist dad saying she’s full of shit.

“Trump has...chosen to describe Biden as a godless Marxist bent on destroying the country with a radical agenda that would make Che Guevara blanch. The caricature is one that neither Biden’s critics nor supporters recognize,” @AshleyRParker ⁩ writes.

ICYMI, this one sure stirred the comments section: Q&A w Gerald Early on ⚾️ and race. Topics: * MLB & BLM (yes, he spoke of BLM Marxist connections) * ⚾️‘s “apartheid” past *The “double consciousness" he has as a Black man watching ⚾️ * The flag.


Most relevant

Pres Trump on a tear on Fox. He says Black Lives Matter is a “Marxist group” & that it’s wrong for the group to have gained “respectability.” He is bashing athletes for kneeling during the anthem. “If I’m wrong, I’m going to lose an election. OK? And that’s OK with me,” he says.

Last night the Mayor of Portland thought he could appease the mob by joining them in the streets But the mob heckled,mocked & harassed him & demanded he resign When will Dem leaders realize these aren’t “liberals”,these are marxist/anarchists who want to dismantle America?

This man's message to marxist-led #BlackLivesMatter  will never be aired on CNN.

1. So, a violent Marxist-anarchist, anti-Semitic, hate-America group will have its name painted on sides of the NBA basketball courts.  And the multi-millionaire players and billionaire owners — hypocrites and frauds — expect the rest of us to pay for this?

1. Romney is truly unhinged.  He marches with BLM, an anti-Semitic, Marxist group, and calls Trump corrupt. Damn fool. Both former Democrat presidents pardoned domestic terrorists. Now that’s even worse than corrupt.

1. It can no longer be said that the Democrat Party is not Marxist, the only debate is how deep its Marxism runs.  Black Lives Matter is an openly Marxist, anti-American group.  There's no denying it.

As I explained on my radio program last week, BLM is an openly Marxist movement.

If you haven't heard, it's Super Tuesday. That means the Dems can choose a Marxist, a moron, an oligarch, or a fake Indian. And those who voted early for candidates that just dropped out, you can thank the libs for such a stupid process. You've been officially disenfranchised.