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Protesters from across #Lebanon  will converge at Martyrs square in central Beirut - the epicenter of the protest movement - activists like @samiraelazar  never left the streets since October 17, 2019 “we won’t back down. We will continue the fight until the end”

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'Although protests were inclusive in some ways, their carnivalesque atmosphere soon alienated more conservative sections of society. In Beirut’s Martyrs’ Square, some protestors played traditional music while others danced to techno.' Via @SynapsNetwork 

Chinese President Xi Jinping and other leaders of the Communist Party of China pay their respects to the Monument to the People's Heroes at Tiananmen Square in Beijing to mark Martyrs' Day

Xi Focus: President Xi Jinping pays tribute to deceased national heroes at Tian'anmen Square, marking Martyrs' Day, a day ahead of the National Day

Chinese leaders led by Xi Jinping and representatives from all walks of life pay silent tribute to the country's deceased national heroes at Tian'anmen Square to commemorate China's seventh Martyrs' Day.

Riot police wearing body armor and carrying batons clashed with demonstrators in Beirut as thousands converged on Parliament Square and nearby Martyrs’ Square in a second night of anti-government protests

Activists set up symbolic nooses at Beirut’s Martyrs’ Square to ‘hang’ politicians for ‘corruption and negligence’.

Protesters set up mock gallows in Martyr’s Square, demand ‘revenge’ against politicians believed responsible for the deadly #BeirutBlast . Read more:

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Protesters set up symbolic nooses at Beirut’s Martyrs’ Square to hang politicians whose corruption and negligence they blame for explosion #LebanonProtests  #BeirutBlast  #BeirutExplosion 

Protesters set up a mock gallows in #Beirut ’s Martyr’s Square on Saturday, demanding “revenge” against politicians widely held responsible for the deadly Aug. 4 blasts #BeirutExplosionsExplosions 

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Protesters have hung nooses in #Beirut  ’s Martyrs Square that they say are for the politicians / government. The anger is palpable - many injured people here. Some are saying that they have prepared a “big surprise” for the authorities. Today is going to be a long one.

LOOK: Lebanese activists call for continued marches and protests at Martyrs Square in #Beirut 

Nearly 7,000 demonstrators gathered at Martyrs' Square in Lebanon to protest the government's handling of a devastating explosion in the city

A Chinese national flag flies at half-mast to mourn for martyrs who died in the fight against the #COVID19  outbreak and for compatriots who died of the disease at Tian'anmen Square in Beijing, capital of China, April 4.

Chinese national flag flies at half-mast to mourn for martyrs who died in the fight against #COVID-19  outbreak and compatriots died of the disease at Tian'anmen Square in Beijing

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Fireworks explode over Martyrs Square in downtown Beirut, Lebanon, during New Year's 2019 celebrations.

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Chaotic scenes in downtown Beirut - anti riot police use tear gas to disperse protesters - young men burned tents in the protest site in Martyrs square - there seems to be decision by those in power to crush the protest movement - and excessive force is being used #Lebanon 

We can all spare something for those in need @dafacapaign  takes only donations in kind and they give back to Lebanese in dire need. Let’s help them help on Sunday December 2 martyrs square from 10 till 6

A statue of Imre Nagy, who was prime minister during the 1956 Hungarian uprising against Soviet rule, has stood since 1996 in Martyrs' Square in Budapest. Now, it's gone.

Share your warmth and spread love #dafa_campaign  in Martyrs square Sunday December 4 from 10 to 6

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