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5 Crazy Scenarios for #Election2020  1. Russia hacks the voting machines 2. Violence Breaks Out at the Polls 3. martial law'>Trump Declares Martial Law join us as we LIVE TRADE the election It 100% FREE

John Brennan worries that if President Donald Trump loses the election, he could provoke civil unrest, declare martial law or take other damaging steps before Joe Biden is inaugurated.

House Bill No. 7678 was introduced by the Makabayan bloc days before the commemoration of the 48th anniversary of the declaration of martial law on Sept. 23, 1972. | @kasubingsubing 

@jodeszgavilan  Lagman asks updates about the museum remembering the horror and state oppression under Marcos' Martial Law. The museum is set to open by 2022. | via @jodeszgavilan 

Imee Marcos told: DevCom still relevant with poverty, remnants of Martial Law atrocities

#NewsAlert - Jamiat Ulema-E-Islam(F) chief Fazlur Rehman, addressed a rally in PoJK. Martial Law in Pakistan, elections rigged; Rehman (Orignal Input@manojkumargupta  ) Join the broadcast wit @snehamordani  .

Kyrgyzstan’s President Sooronbay Jeenbekov banned demonstrations and imposed a curfew in the capital on Saturday a day after declaring martial law


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(WARNING: The following illustrations may be graphic to some readers. Kindly view at your own discretion.) On the 48th anniversary of Martial Law declaration, let’s take a look at the many stories of torture during the Marcos regime. #NeverAgain  READ:

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BREAKING: Armenia declares martial law and full mobilisation amid clashes with Azerbaijan

On this day 48 years ago, dictator Ferdinand Marcos placed the country under martial law — remembered by many Filipinos as one of the darkest chapters in Philippine history. Here's a look back, by the numbers, at the martial law under the Marcos regime:

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Sotto: No need for martial law if new anti-terrorism bill becomes law

Martial Law over Simple TRUE Justice? Don’t make crazy man sense.

A kind and respectful request to friends to not call this "martial law", it creates more fear than there already is.. This is what we all have to do to keep the numbers at its lowest possible. And aminin natin may pagkapasaway tayo, sa pila, sa traffic rules, sa true lang.

U think the people are gonna keep sitting around and letting this bullshit ride?Y'all wanna take guns away so y'all can inforce martial law.

“I have lived twice under martial law, and I have seen how authoritarian, how fascism, how martial law — how dictators begin to overtake the liberties of the ordinary citizens.” Gold Star Father Khizr Khan warns against authoritarianism under the Trump administration.

Palace says President Duterte has declared martial law in entire Mindanao | via @dgplacido 

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Ironic how some kids say they don't mind Martial Law again. E konting suppression sa internet freedom galit na sila. What more HUMAN rights.