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From columnist @elviadiaz1 : Don't feel sorry for those who sold out to Trump, knowing he'd toss them when they were no longer useful. That includes Martha McSally and Doug Ducey.

From columnist @LaurieRoberts : President Donald Trump treated Sen. Martha McSally like a second-class citizen during his Goodyear rally. That's the thanks she gets for her loyalty to this president.

Arizona Sen. Martha McSally had to keep remarks short after Pres. Trump rushed her onstage at a campaign stop. He "doesn't see past his own future and what it means for him, as opposed to the big picture for the party and...balance of power in the Senate,” @DanaBashCNN  says.

"I think folks are breaking their backs across this country defending this wannabe authoritarian." @tifcrossmyheart  on Martha McSally and Kelly Loeffler's support for #thereidout '>Trum #TheReidOut .

"If all three of these women fall, Donald Trump is ground zero for why that happened." @DrJasonJohnson  on Joni Ernst, Kelly Loeffler, and Martha McSally all in close races. #TheReidOut 

Via @kjzzphoenix  Trump appears to slight Arizona Sen. Martha McSally, who polls show is trailing Mark Kelly in a race that could decide control of the US Senate

Trump's disrespect of Sen. Martha McSally was painful to watch via @azcentral 

WATCH: Sen. Martha McSally joined #TodayInAZ  this morning to give her pitch to voters ahead of Election Day. Her Democratic challenger, Mark Kelly, will join the newscast tomorrow morning. #BeOn12 

Trump Rushes McSally At AZ Rally: ‘They Don’t Want To Hear This, Martha’

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Trump Rushes McSally At AZ Rally: ‘They Don’t Want To Hear This, Martha’

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Buzz Aldrin endorses Republican Martha McSally for Senate in Arizona. Rejects fellow astronaut and leftist Mark Kelly.

The Arizona Senate race has taken on new importance after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: If Democrat Mark Kelly wins, he could be sworn in to replace Sen. Martha McSally as early as Nov. 30 — possibly in time to vote on a new Supreme Court nominee.

"No," Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler said when asked if it's a concern the President lied about the virus. "It's fake news." "You guys are awful," added Arizona Sen. Martha McSally when asked if Trump made a mistake when he misled the public.

Sen. Martha McSally, a Republican facing a difficult election race, lashed out when I asked if she would consider new evidence as part of the Senate trial. “You’re a liberal hack - I’m not talking to you. You’re a liberal hack.” She then walked into a hearing room.

Fox News poll show Democrat Mark Kelly ahead of incumbent Republican Sen. Martha McSally by a 50-37 percent margin among Arizona registered voters.

A brave former fighter jet pilot and warrior, Senator Martha McSally of Arizona has done an outstanding job in D.C., and is fully supportive of our agenda – she is with us all the way....

Martha McSally, running in the Arizona Primary for U.S. Senate, was endorsed by rejected Senator Jeff Flake....and turned it down - a first! Now Martha, a great U.S. Military fighter jet pilot and highly respected member of Congress, WINS BIG. Congratulations, and on to November!

Leaving Arizona after a fantastic Rally last night, in Mesa, honoring, and for, Martha McSally. She is an inspiration & will be a GREAT SENATOR for the people of Arizona. Her opponent is a Nancy Pelosi puppet, really bad for State. Early Voting NOW! Will be back soon.

Martha McSally is an extraordinary woman. She was a very talented fighter jet pilot and is now a highly respected member of Congress. She is Strong on Crime, the Border and our under siege 2nd Amendment. Loves our Military and our Vets. Has my total and complete Endorsement!