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Good read from @exploreplanets  on the challenges of terraforming Mars.

Earthlings have long stared up at the fiery Red Planet. On Monday, a tiny helicopter, Ingenuity, flew on Mars. It was an extraordinary feat: the first-ever powered flight on another planet.

Sol 0 on Mars began with Percy hurtling toward the surface at about 12,000 mph. Over seven nail-biting minutes, the spacecraft began a carefully choreographed sequence of disassembling itself, slowing down and guiding itself to a landing site on the Jezero Crater. (📽 @NASA :)

A Martian day, called a sol, lasts 24 hours, 39 minutes, and 35 seconds. The mission will span a Martian year, or 687 Earth days. For these missions, NASA follows Mars time and Percy’s workday on the planet (which really screws up the sleep schedule of the agency’s scientists).

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Beyond being a significant milestone for Mars exploration, the flight will also pave the way for engineers to think about new ways to explore other planets.

MIMI’S MISSION: Mimi Aung is breaking through a glass ceiling nearly 180 million miles away. The engineer earned her place in history thanks to a 39-second flight above the surface of Mars. @JonVigliotti  on what it took to make the first-of-its-kind flight possible.

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter has finally made its first flight on Mars, the first controlled flight by an aircraft on another planet. @MDroletGlobalTV  looks at how the small aircraft's feat is spawning big ambitions for scientists. READ MORE:


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If we make life multiplanetary, there may come a day when some plants & animals die out on Earth, but are still alive on Mars

Make life multiplanetary! #Mars 

When the polio vaccine dropped in 1955 people lined up to get it, & we were 2 years away from artificial satellites. Now in 2021 we carry external world-brains in our pockets & there’s robots on Mars and idiots think the COVID vaccine is full of wizard poison.

Third burn successful. mars'>Exceeded Mars orbit and kept going to the Asteroid Belt.

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🚀 We have LIFTOFF to Mars! The @ulalaunch  Atlas V takes flight with our @NasaPersevere  rover. The #CountdownToMars  continues as Perseverance begins her 7-month journey to the Red Planet!

I'm safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!! #MSL 

Scientists & engineers launched “InSight” from Earth (a moving platform) across 300million miles to arrive where Mars (a moving target) will be seven months later, landing safely to do geophysics at the Martian equator. And you have a problem listening to us about climate change?

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