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If a rock falls on Mars, and no one is there to see it, does it leave a trace? Yes, and it’s a beautiful herringbone-like pattern, new research reveals.

M&M's iconic characters have gotten a modern makeover for a "more dynamic, progressive world," Mars announced.

Insightful, kind and exceptionally well-acted. @shaynamaci_  reviews Marte Um (Mars One) #Sundance2022 

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Rainbows on Mars. Is it possible? Sadly, no. This @NASA  scientist explains why rainbows can't form on the Red Planet. #rainbow  | #Mars 

ICYMI: Candy maker Mars is giving a makeover to its six M&M’s characters as a way to promote inclusivity.

Is there life on Mars? A new study offers tantalizing clues

Mars, Lidl’s Choco Caramel or Aldi’s Titan: Exactly how they compare with each other

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Space helicopter grounded on Mars for first time in history as dust cloud covers planet

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Mars gives M&M's a makeover to promote inclusivity

@nasa satellite captures a dazzling, important crater on Mars


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Wow, only three weeks to 2022! What will 2032 will be like? Seems so futuristic! Will we be on Mars?

Make life multiplanetary! #Mars 

Touchdown confirmed. The Mars' alt='CountdownToMars' /'>#CountdownToMars  is complete, but the mission is just beginning.

Third burn successful. mars'>Exceeded Mars orbit and kept going to the Asteroid Belt.

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Call me old-fashioned, but I think ending poverty and hunger on Earth is more important than colonizing Mars.

When the polio vaccine dropped in 1955 people lined up to get it, & we were 2 years away from artificial satellites. Now in 2021 we carry external world-brains in our pockets & there’s robots on Mars and idiots think the COVID vaccine is full of wizard poison.