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Vaccination prevented ~75% of hospitalizations in England's Delta wave, as determined by modeling " estimates...vacc @FTn @mroliverbarnes @jburnmurdochs  @PHE_ukeing  used in the UK are between 91 and 97 per cent effective in preventing hospitalisation."

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Fatuma Kadir, the 11-year-old girl who went missing from her home in Bolton, England on Thursday, has been found safe and well

A day in the life of the working homeless Around 75,000 people in England who are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless are also managing to work. Read our home editor @JasonFarrellSky 's full report 👉

@sukanyashantha  He had gotten married only a few months before that. His wife, Shalini, said that even before she got acquainted with her partner’s work, she was dragged into this “madness”.

Government’s new #AutismStrategy  for England promises to tackle long diagnosis waiting times, improve public understanding of autism and provide better mental health support. At £75m, it is the biggest investment in autistic people ever. Find out more:

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Coronavirus live: England’s health secretary recovers from Covid; Jordan to vaccinate children over 12

Iowa couple married 73 years die hours apart

WATCH: Tours at Tower of London started in England as it lifted most restrictions including limits on social distancing and mask-wearing

To ensure a prosperous post-Brexit Britain, Edwina Currie suggests Scots should move to England 'to work without having to be so dependent on universal credit.' @IainDale  | @Edwina_Currie  | @IBlackfordSNPMP 

🔎 Boris Johnson’s #Covid  gamble and controversial proposals to fund social care in England On this week’s #AllOutPolitics  podcast @adamboultonSKY  is joined by @IsabelHardman  @RMCunliffe  and @joncraig  to discuss the latest political reforms Listen here:


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Don’t let the fearmongers win. New public England study of delta variant shows 44 deaths out of 53,822 (.08%) in unvaccinated group. Hmmm.

NEW: a common response to reports of hospitals struggling this winter is "it’s no different to a bad flu season!" I’ve tracked down historical data on flu ICU admissions, including winter 2017-18, a record high. Here’s how England’s Covid winter compares to a bad flu season 📹

Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker, who was married in 1952, always wanted to wear a wedding dress. But at the time Black women weren’t allowed in bridal shops. Now 94, her dream is coming true.

Married couple in China discover they appeared in same photograph as teenagers: Report

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Breaking: "In an unprecedented move," the New England Journal of Medicine has published an editorial "condemning the Trump admin for its response to the Covid-19 pandemic – and calling for the current leadership in the US to be voted out of office."

If you boo @England  players for taking the knee, you’re part of the reason why players are taking the knee.

? | "I'm a #MUFC  fan and I'm absolutely disgusted." ? | "They are an absolute joke." @GNev2  gives a brutally honest reaction to reports that England's biggest clubs are expected to be part of plans for a breakaway European Super League.

Kate Bingham, heads Britain’s vaccine task force. No experience in that area. She’s a venture capitalist. Married to a Tory minister. Dido Harding leads Test & Trace. No experience in that area. Married to a Tory MP. Mike Coupe, head of COVID testing. No experience etc etc etc

Tell the world… We are Liverpool, champions of England.

Champions of England ? Champions of Europe ? Champions of the World ?