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Gove made argument in 2016 when he said UK needed and would get a deal, he meant withdrawal deal, not a trade deal... Marr picked him up on that and was this a “tell”? Marr: We haven’t got a trade deal? “Not yet” said Gove a few moments after saying negotiations over...

Marr: “Do you think the public is going to thank you for leaving the EU without any trade deal the middle of a global pandemic?” Gove: “Public like me would rather we had an FTA but would not thank us if Eu still in control .. ultimately want us to take back control”

Gove says he backs promising UK during referendum “we hold all the cards” though he tells Marr “we hold cards”

“The EU effectively ended trade talks last week” - Michael Gove tells Marr “door is ajar if EU changes it’s position - but we are ready to leave on Australian terms”... Marr: “but could be called Mongolian or Afghan terms”

It's true that Leicester has been forgotten - on Marr yesterday Andy Burnham claimed Greater Manchester was the first area to accept a local lockdown but that was more than a month after Leicester's

this is the highlight of today’s Marr v Gove interview

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Marr really is a limp lettuce isn't he?

Watching Gove on Marr. Satire truly is dead

There’s no good way to segue from Dawn French to Michael Gove #marr 


Most relevant

Sage epidemiologist Professor John Edmunds asked by Marr if he regrets anything in science advice... immediately replies: “yes we should have gone into lockdown cost a lot of lives unfortunately”...

Vote Labour on Thursday to defeat the far right. #Marr  #Ridge 

Farage and John Mills on BBCQT together, as Marr books Farage for 3 days later. Now @heidiallen75  dropped from a popular BBC satire show because of impartiality rules. There is something seriously sick going on inside the @BBC  and has been throughout Brexit process

The political elite and establishment have let people down across our country. #Marr 

Marr: Nurses are going to food banks Theresa Weird: "There are many complex reasons for people going to food banks" THE MAIN ONE IS POVERTY!

When asked by Marr about whether stories about plans to stockpile food for a “No Deal” were correct, Brexit Secretary Raab said it was an unhelpful “selective snippet that’s made it into the press”... which suggests Yes

Michael Fallon says "We have more in common with the DUP than the other parties." Gay-hating, anti-choice, terrorist-sympathisers. #Marr