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Bank of Nova Scotia’s capital-markets division is showing signs of a turnaround

Champagne producers worry coronavirus will close promising Asianmarkets via CNBC #news  #CNBC 

Treasury yields hit new bottom as markets signal ongoing concern about coronavirus impact

Bond and stock markets are signaling ongoing concerns as Treasury yields briefly dip below an all-time closing low

The virus hasn't hit the U.S. hard yet, but it has hit stocks. The U.S. markets have hit Peak Fear for a second time

Riverside Announces Spin-Out of Penoles Project Full Story: $RRI.CA $RVSDF Mar @rivresets  Stocks S #SmallCapso #TSXV #OTCk #OTCMarkets#OTCStocks  #Gold  #JuniorMining  #Mining  #MiningStocks  #PreciousMetals  #Investing 


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Without the horror show that is the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, the Stock Markets and Economy would be even better, if that is possible, and the Border would be closed to the evil of Drugs, Gangs and all other problems! #2020 

U.S. Markets are up as much as 21% since the announcement of Tariffs on 3/1/2018 - and the U.S. is taking in massive amounts of money (and giving some to our farmers, who have been targeted by China)!

Economic numbers looking REALLY good. Can you imagine if I had long term ZERO interest rates to play with like the past administration, rather than the rapidly raised normalized rates we have today. That would have been SO EASY! Still, markets up BIG since 2016 Election!

Markets'>Stock Markets (all three) hit another ALL TIME & HISTORIC HIGH yesterday! You are sooo lucky to have me as your President (just kidding!). Spend your money well!

Stock Markets Up Record Numbers. For this year alone, Dow up 18.65%, S&P up 24.36%, Nasdaq Composite up 29.17%. “It’s the economy, stupid.”

As I have stated many times, if the Democrats take over the House or Senate, there will be disruption to the Financial Markets. We won the Senate, they won the House. Things will settle down. They only want to impeach me because they know they can’t win in 2020, too much success!

Reporting that Pres. Trump lied about phone calls with Chinese in order to boost markets shows dangerous behavior, the kind of manipulation that has sent people to prison. It also shows the Chinese his weakness and insecurity, which they are undoubtedly eager to exploit.

Had the Fed not mistakenly raised interest rates, especially since there is very little inflation, and had they not done the ridiculously timed quantitative tightening, the 3.0% GDP, & Stock Market, would have both been much higher & World Markets would be in a better place!

Very important that OPEC increase the flow of Oil. World Markets are fragile, price of Oil getting too high. Thank you!

"Venture into untapped markets" like @CognosysTech  did with its #WindowsAzure  app by using Microsoft GTM Services