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Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday became a centibillionaire: someone who is worth at least $100 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday became a centibillionaire: someone who is worth at least $100 billion.

Interview with Bill Gates on COVID-19, Trump, last week's antitrust meeting, Mark Zuckerberg, misinformation, and the "poison chalice" of the TikTok deal @StevenLevy  / Wired)

Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday became a centibillionaire: someone who is worth at least $100 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth crossed the $100 billion mark for the first time on Thursday, making him the newest member of an exclusive club

Mark Zuckerberg's first Reel is fine. It's just fine.

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Mark Zuckerberg's net worth has crossed the $100 billion mark after Facebook shares surged Thursday


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Wealth gains by billionaires during the pandemic: Jeff Bezos: +$71 billion Walton Family: +$21 billion Mark Zuckerberg: +$38 billion By taxing 60% of the wealth gains by 467 billionaires, we could cover all out-of-pocket health care costs for a year.

The very, very rich are getting much richer during the pandemic: ⬆️$73 billion: Jeff Bezos ⬆️$45 billion: Elon Musk ⬆️$31 billion: Mark Zuckerberg ⬆️$28 billion: Bill Gates ⬆️$19 billion: L Page ⬆️$19 billion: Sergey BrinTotal: $215 billion Tax their wealth. Break up Big Tech

Mark Zuckerberg's emails confirmed Facebook bought Instagram to buy off competition. Jeff Bezos couldn't guarantee that Amazon wasn't using seller data to undermine small businesses and boost their own brands. Apple and Google couldn’t answer why they bully their competitors.

@facebook  CEO Mark Zuckerberg is today criticizing Twitter. “We have a different policy than Twitter on this. I believe strongly that Facebook shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online.” Did Twitter criticize Obama for his “you can keep your Dr.”?

Great honor, I think? Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that “Donald J. Trump is Number 1 on Facebook. Number 2 is Prime Minister Modi of India.” Actually, I am going to India in two weeks. Looking forward to it!

I thought what @Ocasio2018  did to Mark Zuckerberg was bad. But Congresswoman Joyce Beatty showed why black women are undefeat @JamilahLemieuxd  (h/t )

Mark Zuckerberg has said he doesn't want the responsibility of blocking false political ads. If that's really the case, and not a desperate attempt to placate the far-right, Facebook should follow Twitter's lead and stop running political ads on its site altogether.

Fan pages for Hezbollah & Hamas are still allowed on . So is the official page for Maduro, who is killing his own citizens. So the bans aren't actually about "safety." Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘hate ban’ isn’t about safety — it’s about his own ego

Civil rights leaders went into a call with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg tonight with low expectations. They were not disappointed. Mark didn't comprehend/accept history of voter suppression and that Trump's tweets could stoke violence against demonstrators. More to come