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5/Wealth and income are being increasingly concentrated at the top of the distribution. 30 years ago, having $20 million made you stinking rich. Today, $20 million makes you a pebble next to one of Mark Zuckerberg's toes.

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On July 27, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, and Sundar Pichai will testify together for the House antitrust subcommittee hearing on Big Tech competition. 🍿🍿🍿

"We get great conversations, big words, very little promises and no outcomes," says @NAACP  President and CEO Derrick Johnson about his previous meetings with @facebook  CEO Mark Zuckerberg. "It's great to have meetings. The real issue for us now are what are the outcomes."

The inside story of how Mark Zuckerberg’s jealousy held back Instagram—and drove off its founders

@julieposetti  @mariaressaS  @emilybellk  @anyaSIPAi  @carolecadwallap  @PeterBale  @jason_kintd  @kbontchevao  @rebecca_vincentwn  to 'Boycott watch: Mark Zuckerberg digs heels.' This is the consensus of the tech press and media reporters. To me one X factor is technical talent. If they rise up, or, demoralized, start quitting in larger numbers or won't come if recruited...

OPINION | The group Mark Zuckerberg won’t meet with: Holocaust survivors by Greg Schneider, executive vice president of The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

While Mark Zuckerberg pledged $6 million to education projects, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gave $10 million to provide devices and connectivity to students in Calif., Elon Musk is helping launch an online school targeted at the relatively wealthy

How do you convince someone like Mark Zuckerberg that some prices are indeed too high to pay for free speech, when it's not them who pays the price? Asks @DLLabs 

New petition urges Mark Zuckerberg to stop ‘colonizing’ HawaiiFacebook billionaire says he’s not

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Hint: Jimmy Maxwell Trump's profile pic appears to be a mashup of the facial features of Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg.


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I thought what @Ocasio2018  did to Mark Zuckerberg was bad. But Congresswoman Joyce Beatty showed why black women are undefeat @JamilahLemieuxd  (h/t )

@facebook  CEO Mark Zuckerberg is today criticizing Twitter. “We have a different policy than Twitter on this. I believe strongly that Facebook shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online.” Did Twitter criticize Obama for his “you can keep your Dr.”?

"So, you won't take down lies or you will take down lies? I think that's just a pretty simple yes or no." Complete exchange between @RepAOC  @Ocasio2018  and Mark Zuckerberg at today's House Financial Services Cmte hearing. Full video here:

Mark Zuckerberg has said he doesn't want the responsibility of blocking false political ads. If that's really the case, and not a desperate attempt to placate the far-right, Facebook should follow Twitter's lead and stop running political ads on its site altogether.

Fan pages for Hezbollah & Hamas are still allowed on . So is the official page for Maduro, who is killing his own citizens. So the bans aren't actually about "safety." Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘hate ban’ isn’t about safety — it’s about his own ego

Civil rights leaders went into a call with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg tonight with low expectations. They were not disappointed. Mark didn't comprehend/accept history of voter suppression and that Trump's tweets could stoke violence against demonstrators. More to come

Great honor, I think? Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that “Donald J. Trump is Number 1 on Facebook. Number 2 is Prime Minister Modi of India.” Actually, I am going to India in two weeks. Looking forward to it!

In an open letter aimed at Mark Zuckerberg and his top lieutenants, Facebook employees decried the company’s policy of allowing politicians to post any claim, even false ones, in ads, saying it was “a threat to what FB stands for”

In Opinion "This can’t possibly be the outcome you and I want, to have crazy lies pumped into the water supply that corrupt the most important decisions we make together," writes Aaron Sorkin in an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Today I questioned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook’s past censorship of conservative groups. I asked if the same actions had ever been taken against liberal groups, but did not get an answer.