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Adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches as a paper-thin version of Mario! Paper Mario unfolds on #NintendoSwitch  for #NintendoSwitchOnlineOnline  + Expansion Pack members on #Nintendo642 /10!

The weirdest book in the world — that no one can read — just turned 40. Italian artist Luigi Serafini gives @thisisinsider  a look inside the 40th anniversary edition of his beautifully bizarre Codex Seraphinianus. ⬇️

The next N64 game for Nintendo Switch Online is Paper Mario

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Representative Julie A. Casimiro and Senator Alana M. DiMario recently donated over 425 pairs of pajama pants to the Foster Forward program in celebration of the holidays.

There are signs of improvement in delays at the ports, says Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero

The first myth one has to debunk: that the state is merely a natural and organic outgrowth of political power, as old as the history of mankind or of organized society. | Luigi Marco Bassani and Carlo Lottieri

Two 19-year-old men were arrested in a string of armed kidnappings and robberies in Northwest D.C. last year. They targeted nine victims over four hours on Halloween, prosecutors say.

San Jose: Mayor, police object to release of men charged in deadly Halloween shooting

CHARGED: A deputy arrested the suspect on Halloween after he reportedly broke into a home.

Supposedly 99% of PR police did not work Halloween weekend in protest of OBoard preempting Laws 80-82 & eliminating future pensions for PR police. Now calling for "blue flu" walkout at Christmas. Promesa requires "adequate funding" for pensions. #muniland 

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This Halloween — please never forget why good teachers should make a bazillion dollars a year. Never forget when Michigan teacher Jennifer Hawkins taught her kids the choreography to “Thriller” and then lead them through the halls of the school...

The Paper Mario series arrives on #NintendoSwitch  with an origami twist! What evil paper shenanigans does the Origami King have planned? Find out when #PaperMario : The Origami King releases on 7/17!

When this little boy noticed a house was out of candy on Halloween, he added his own stash to the bowl for the next trick-or-treaters ❤️

Joe Biden is playing Mario Kart while Americans are dying... am I doing this right?

Halloween costume winner for 2021...


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Due to recent speculation I thought it was necessary to confirm that I am not Marcus Rashford… And whilst we are here my name is not Mario either!! Just a simple Maro Itoje will do… Much love, Marcu… I mean Maro Itoje

Three Mario adventures in one collection jump on to #NintendoSwitch ! With HD visuals, take Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy on the go in #SuperMario3DAllStars . Arriving 9/18 as a limited release until the end of March 2021.

Best. Halloween. Costumes. Ever.