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Rep. Marie Newman used her debate time to call out Republicans for not wearing face masks

Rep. Marie Newman used her debate time to call out Republicans for not wearing face masks

Rep. Marie Newman weighs in on beginning of term, capitol violence and impeachment

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@alexandrasiera : "Thank you to all of the TYT supporters that have been fans of Justice Democrats from the very beginning. All of the victories that we've seen from Marie Newman to Cori Bush to Jamaal Bowman have been because of them." #tytlive :

"The sooner we can be rid of him, the better," said Rep. Marie Newman.​

marie newman'>Representative-elect Marie Newman discusses President Trump blasting the Covid-19 relief bill: "This is more obstruction and preventing checks to people who desperately need them."

Marie Newman will represent Illinois’s Third District in Congress. She wants to fight for working and middle class families.


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Rep. Dan Lipinski, a conservative Illinois Democrat, lost in a primary upset to Marie Newman, a progressive backed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Marie Newman, a progressive, pro-abortion rights challenger, beat anti-abortion incumbent Rep. Dan Lipinski in Illinois

Why is no one on my TV talking about Marie Newman winning? Or maybe I missed it?

Sanders is getting blown out in Cook County, but Marie Newman - who he, Warren, and others on the left endorsed - is roughly 1200 votes up on Rep. Dan Lipinski. Newman’s coalition is broader than Sanders, but Lipinski is far far more conservative than Biden.

New detail from @AsteadWH  that captures the Warren team: "In Illinois, where Ms. Warren’s campaign was scheduled to hold a post-Super Tuesday phone banking session, staff and supporters...decided to use their time to support Marie Newman"

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making her first move to back primary challengers to incumbents. She plans to endorse Marie Newman, a progressive candidate seeking to oust Representative Daniel Lipinski, a conservative-leaning Illinois Democrat.

Elizabeth Warren just endorsed 2 progressive primary challengers to conservative incumbent House Dems: Jessica Cisneros, who is challenging Rep. Cuellar, and Marie Newman, who is challenging Rep. Lipinski. More headaches for DCCC.

. List and I are excited to endorse Marie Newman for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District. A small business owner, anti-bullying non-profit founder, and author, Marie is running against the anti-choice Rep. Dan Lipinski. Illinois’ 3rd district. Boo-ya!